Cougar Paws Classic Roofing Boot

Cougar Paws Classic Roofing Boot

PLEASE NOTE — These shoes run large. Please order 1/2 sizes smaller than your normal shoe size. If you have worn Cougar Paws before, order a full size smaller than your other Cougar Paws.

  • Rewind back to the classic look with all of the latest upgrades.
  • This boot is the ultimate in rugged stability featuring a breathable lining and vented exterior.
  • The outsole is a solid piece which includes the Velcro on the bottom.
  • The strap across the top of the Cougar Paws Roof Boot keeps the foot from sliding forward in the boot when in use on steep roofs
  • Additional Multi-Purpose traction-grip Replacement Pads sold separately
  • Please choose size

Q: What makes our products different?

A: Cougar Paws products are unique in that they offer Traction Grip technology products that no other roofing products can offer. This innovative Traction Grip technology enables workers to double their production while also increasing their safety. These products will revolutionize the way you work on roof surfaces of varying surfaces and inclines. Once you try them you will never go back to anything else.

Q: Who can benefit from using Cougar Paws products?

A: Cougar Paws products are perfect for roofers, adjustors, house inspectors, gutter installers, window cleaners, chimney sweeps, and anyone else who works on hazardous inclines or roof surfaces.

Q: How do the Cougar Paws Boot and the Multi-Purpose Traction-Grip Replacement Pad work together?

A: The Cougar Paws boot soles are actually made of industrial Velcro. Called the "hook," it allows a replaceable "Traction-Grip" pad to be attached to the sole. One side of the Replaceable Pad, called the "loop," is made of felt type material. When attached to the "hook" it holds firmly. When the pad wears down, it can be peeled off and replaced by a new one.

Q: How long will the Multi-Purpose Traction-Grip Replacement Pads last?

A: Wear will vary from user to user — depending on the user’s weight, the pitch of the roof and the amount of time the user is on the roof. So, because of this variance, we can’t say exactly how long they will last for you. Adjusters and Inspectors get an average of one month use per pair of pads. Roofers get from 1 week to 2 weeks wear. The average user will spend only pennies a day.

Q: Do the boots come with pads?

A: Yes, the boots come with a pair of pads.

Q: Do the Cougar Paws Boots come in various widths?

A: Currently, we carry only the D medium width.

Q: Do the Cougar Paws Boots come in women’s sizes?

A: The Cougar Paws work Boots are available in men’s sizes. However, our boots will fit ladies size 5 and up. Women sizes are normally two (2) sizes smaller than men sizes. For example, a woman who wears a size 8 in a woman’s shoe would normally ask for a size 6. Likewise, a woman who wears a size 6 in a woman’s shoe would wear our size 4 men’s. etc.

Q: What is your product return policy?

A: Any defective products must be returned within 10 days from date of purchase for examination before the products will be replaced. When wrong shoe sizes are ordered, we will gladly exchange the shoes if they have not been worn. The customer must agree to pay the shipping costs.

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