Galvalume Roofing Costs Prices for Galvalume Metal Roof Panels

Galvalume Roofing Costs Prices for Galvalume Metal Roof Panels

The Costs

Lowest Cost: $35 per 48 square feet (16 feet by 36 inches)

Highest Cost: $200 per square (which is equivalent to 100 square feet)

What is Galvalume Roofing Material?

One roofing material that stands above the rest for high quality, longevity and durability is galvalume. This superior roofing material, also used as siding, is actually sheets of steel, coated with a composition of 45% zinc and 55% aluminum. This coating acts as an excellent protection against corrosion. A tiny amount of silicon has also been added to the material to give it more durability when it is stored, rolled or bent during the manufacturing process.

Galvalume sheet steel is becoming increasingly popular as roofing material choice because of its versatility and aesthetical appearance. It comes in a vast array of colors and design options for a contemporary or traditional look. The surface of galvalume can be left bare since it retains a bright shine but can also be successfully painted. It can be shaped and applied to various applications including architectural, institutional and industrial structures such as universities, administrative buildings and warehouses.

Galvalume is also available to mimic other roofing material including slate, cedar shake, shingles, asphalt and even clay tile, but lasts much longer. Consumers wont be cramped for style with a roof made from galvalume steel. If a certain color is desired, the manufacturer will use a high-quality, baked-on enamel that is warranted to last for up to 40 years. This means that the company will guarantee that the paint wont chip, peel or crack during that time.

Major Costs of Galvalume Roofing

What a consumer will pay for a galvalume roofing system depends on the quality of the material. Galvalume steel comes in various gauges that determine the quality and price. For example, a galvalume section that is 16’X3′, known as a Classic Rib Steel Roof Panel, is 29-gauge steel and comes with a 25 year warranty. The cost for this grade is estimated at $70 per square, which is the same as 100 square feet in laymans terms. There are also higher grades of galvalume roofing at cost between $200 and $700 per square, which may be thicker, have a longer warranty or have other features such as a decorative stone coating.

Many variables are involved with installing galvalume roofing. Consumers should expect to pay about $50 to $70 per hour for a professional roofer to do the job. However, some roofers charge an average of $300 per square, which includes the price of the material.

The time of the entire installation also depends on factors such as how experienced the roofer and his crew are, the roofs pitch and the condition of the roof. If previous roofing material must be torn off, it will add to the cost of labor. No contractor can be absolutely sure what condition the structure is in until the old material is removed. If there is severe damage, repair costs should be calculated into the entire job plus costs to dispose of the old material.

Basically, a galvalume metal roof takes about three times longer than the labor involved in installing a conventional asphalt shingled roof. Specially trained installers must measure accurately and precisely so expensive material isnt wasted and the manufacturers warranty wont be voided.

Galvalume Roofing Costs Prices for Galvalume Metal Roof Panels

Materials Needed for the Installation Process

Below is a list of materials a roofer will purchase in order to install a galvalume metal roof. The costs are minimal and are usually included in the roofers final estimate. The cost for synthetic underlayment may be extra and is estimated at $20 to $30 per square. Some optional items consumers may consider replacing during the roofing installation job are gutters and drains that cost an average of $7 per linear foot.

In the end, an average residential structure with a roofing surface of about 2,200 square feet will cost about $17,000 for a mid-priced galvalume steel roof installation, which includes all of the material.

Advantages of Galvalume Steel Roofs

Galvalume steel roofing material has so many advantages to consider with the first one being longevity of life. Because of the coating, this material is resistant to atmospheric corrosion and can last from 50 to 75 years, outlasting comparable galvanized roofing material. Other advantages are:

Expands with heating and cooling

Withstands well in hot and humid climates

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