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We are an expert source of design, fabrication, service, repair, restoration, and installation of metal roofing systems, roof Q deck, welding, sheet metal, roof panels, custom roof flashing, roof cladding, architectural, steel work, wall panels, and roofing repair.

Versatility and Experience

We have installed, repaired, re-roofed, restored, and coated roof systems in every possible scenario.

Barns, homes, sheds in rural areas, to the most complicated flat roofing and steep pitch systems in the world at Resorts in Whistler, BC to commercial facilities through out BC, AB, and SK to Mcdonalds restaurants in SK to roof restorations and coatings on Industrial Petroleum Facilities in Leduc, AB, for Enmax on industrial complexes — to high rise roofs in urban city cores and residences all over BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

"Our fabricators have seen and completed most every roof project type."

Below is a guide to assist you in getting to know some options available in today’s marketplace.

Metal Roofing is a large product category — call us for brochures, informationals, advice, or free estimates anytime at +1.877.497.3528. At the bottom of this page there are links to suppliers for further reference.

Roof Repair, Maintenance, Roof Coatings

Every roof needs service and repair. We regularly service roofing systems whether annual roofing maintenance, rooftop HVAC / mechanical units, flashing, caulking, elastomeric roof coatings — rubber coatings or a roof leak repair. our workers are equipped to service your needs.

Standing Seam

Standing seam roofing is a standard in the roofing industry. The product colors and varieties are great.

Standing seam is constructed of interlocking panels running vertically from the roof ridge (at top) to the edge eave (at bottom). The interlocking seams ("standing seam") where the two roofing panels join together is raised above the roofs surface — this allows water to run off without seeping between the roof panels.

Standing Seam Roof Systems are increasing in popularity. Considering life cycle cost and maintenance — Standing Seam has unmatched durability and investment value, and it comes in many profiles, textures, and colors.

We regularly install standing seam on resort projects in areas like Whistler and Panorama BC, homes and businesses in the Vancouver area, on commercial and industrial facilities (mining and oil & gas facilities) in Calgary, Edmonton, Leduc, and Fort McMurray and through out rural areas of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. [Photo of Edmonton Metal Roofing Project]

A standing seam roof will last for decades and maintenance is minimal if installed correctly.

Flat Lock Panels

A flat lock panel roof (or a variety of such), describes a type of roof panel system that has a series of interlocking panels that have custom designed panel joints that conceal fasteners and an integrated roofing panel clip system.

Choosing and Understanding Roof Systems

Choosing a metal roof is different than shopping for a roof made from shingles, tile, cedar, etc. Shingles are made in mass in factories and models or types are easily described and standard.

We can make your roof panels from raw rolls as in the picture, remotely on your job site with a portable fabricating machine, or we can order a pre-fab roofing panel fabricated in a plant and delivered to site.

In today’s marketplace, there are many variations of flat lock, ribbed, corrugated, and standing seam roofing.

The material itself comes on rolls from the distributor (at varied thicknesses and colors). From the point of distribution it is formed either in a fabricating facility to a certain profile, or the panels are formed on the job-site using a panel forming machine. As such, depending on the machining used, various profiles are designed and used (standing seam, ribbed, corrugated, snap lock, mechanical seam, etc).

The names given to specific roof panels from various fabricators can be confusing to people investigating options until one knows the options are endless due to the forming process (corrugated, standing seam, ribbed, etc).

Roof Flashing and Fabrication

Our fabricators, steel workers, and welders are extremely versatile. We can fabricate in shop, on your property, or if it is something that is better ordered — we have numerous fabricators and suppliers we use to supply flashing and fabricated steel.

A wide range of sheet architectural steel is available — fabrication is limited to the imagination. Our fabricators design and fabricate pieces ranging from decorative copper cornice and ridges to designing and installing specialized components.

We offer full service steel and flashing for any roof and custom fabrication requirements that our clients have. We can make just about any flashing or architectural design. All are available in many different colors, profiles, styles, and textures.

Architectural Applications

Today’s buildings require architectural designs. Whether it is a home with an accent piece over a window or door or an industrial or commercial building — we can design and fabricate any architectural ornamental application needed.

Architectural designs offer a wide range of possibilities from architectural wall panel systems to ornamental facades.

Architectural Panels

Whether your project needs include a manufactured panel system or a custom built roof panel system, we have the expertise to assist you.

Aluminum Composite and Aluminum Plate Systems

Aluminum paneling systems are installed over a variety of substrates. Whether a dry-set or a wet-set system is called for, we can assist you.

Wall Panel Systems — Factory Formed

Becoming standard on our commercial and industrial construction projects, our field-assembled wall and roof panel systems offer practical, weather-tight, and moisture-resistant solutions.

Zinc and Copper Systems

The use of Zinc and Copper as a roof or wall material dates back to our early history.

Historic wear and the subsequent appearance of these classic construction materials achieve a beauty that is difficult to match.

Column Covers

Column covers are commonly used in today’s commercial building designs. We design, fabricate or special order, supply, and install column covers that accentuate a building’s design.


Louvers are another area of exterior fabrication that are changing quickly — newer louvers are designed and installed to provide economical solutions to common building ventilation problems while successfully rejecting water inpass.

Screen Walls

Today’s screen walls successfully hide unsightly roof-top HVAC equipment on large commercial and industrial buildings and the additional roof-top structural load is nominal.

Sun Shades / Sun Screens

Sun Screens are environmentally friendly — they reduce energy consumption and they enhance the appearance of commercial buildings.

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