- Replacement Windows Siding Roofing Gutter Guards Chicago IL

- Replacement Windows Siding Roofing Gutter Guards Chicago IL

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Innovative Home Concepts’ Team of Home Improvement Experts Can Help You with the following Remodeling Projects.

Replacement Windows

The advantages of new replacement windows for your home are numerous. New windows will make your home more energy efficient so you will save money on your energy bills every month by making sure your furnace and air conditioner aren’t running more than they have to. Replacing your old windows will also make your home more comfortable, not only by regulating temperature, but also by increasing the functionality of the window. New windows open easier and are easier to clean than most old vinyl, wood, or aluminum windows. On top of all the advantages of switching out your old windows, new windows will increase both the value of your home, with a return of investment of between 60 and 80%, and the pride of ownership you feel in your home.

You can decide between vinyl windows. wood windows. or Innovative’s new hi-tech cellular PVC composite windows. A trained, professional Innovative consultant can help you decide which style and type of new windows are best for your home and budget.

Purchase replacement windows from Innovative Home Concepts, Inc. and start saving money and energy, have functioning, good looking windows, and increase your pride of ownership and the value of your biggest investment.

At Innovative Home Concepts, we offer a full line of decorative and functional entry doors. patio doors. and french doors. The doors of a home are pretty much taken for granted. Many people don’t realize that the doors of their home are the most used part of the house. Strength, durability, function are very important in a door for this reason. Also the entrance door of a home can add to or take away from the curb appeal of your home depending on the door. Old, outdated doors, that are showing their age can give an immediate negative impression from your street, as well as, make a bad impression to any visitors that enter your home. And the modern entry door has come a long way in terms of energy efficiency with energy efficiet glass packs and weather striping that blocks air infiltration.

Innovative offers the full line of quality entry door and french doors made by Provia doors. Provia has been making steel doors and fiberglass doors for years. No other front door system offers more strength, security, and durabilty than Provia doors. And as far as decorative design and glass options, Armstrong has a entry door style for every home style and budget. Armstrong also offers an excellent line of french style doors for any application.

If a new sliding glass door is what you seek, Innovative offers Pella doors, Andersen doors, and full compliment of vinyl patio door options. We also offer our durable and stylish InnoMaxx patio door that is 400% stronger than a hollow core vinyl patio door that slides like a dream.

Let an Innovative consultant price out your dream door today so you too can enjoy the beauty, security, and energy efficiency of a new decorative entry door from Armstrong or a new sliding glass patio door from one of our many quality patio door vendors.

Siding is like the skin of your home. It not only contributes to the aesthetic look of the exterior of your home, it also functions as a protective barrier from the outside elements. The right siding product can make your home the envy of the neighborhood and save you money by making your home better insulated, not to mention quieter on the inside by dampening outside noise. And of course, siding replacement will increase the value of your home and will make you proud of your beautiful house.

In reality the decision to get new siding for your home is easy, what is hard is deciding what materials, styles, accents, and colors you want to go with. That’s were an Innovative consultant can help you the most. They are an invaluable resource when it comes to designing a new siding scheme for your home.

Available siding styles for your home include vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding. fiber cement board sidings such as Jamies Hardie Siding, Composite sidings like LP smartside, real brick or brick siding products like thinbrick from General Shale Brick, and a number of other options. Add in Azec trim or aluminum trim options and the combinations and design options are unlimited.

Have an Innovative Home Concepts design consultant help you design a new exterior for your home and start enjoying the look, feel, and savings that come with new siding look for your home.

Residentual Roofing

It is immediately obvious how important the roof of your home is when you have a leak. A small leak can lead to mold and interior damage that happens over a period of time. A big leak on the other hand can be immediately devasting! Either way, a tight, water proof roof is the most important aspect of the exterior of your home. That is why roof replacement is one of the most popular home improvement projects that homeowners hire a professional to do.

Unfortunately, most homeowners think that house roofs are boring because they all seem to be the same. That is because most residential roofing companies only offer one type of roofing product, asphault roof shingles. In reality, there are many more options available to homeowners. Yes asphault shingle are the most popular, but other options such as standing seam metal roofs and stone coated steel roofs are readily available for residentual applications from Innovative Home Concepts.

Metal roofs have several advantages over asphalt roofs. Steel roofs last longer, are stronger, and offer more color and style options to spruce up the exterior of your home. In fact, stone coated metal roofs can look like regular shingles, cedar shake shingles, or spanish tile. And standing seam steel roof come in almost every color under the sun and will give your home a completely different and original look.

Have an Innovative Roofing specialist out to discuss your roofing options and see the advantages of the different roof types and the advantage of having Innovative Home Concepts replace your old, tired roof.

Gutter Guards

Did you know that the nasty chore of gutter cleaning can be a thing of the past. With a new gutter guard system for your home, you’ll never have to climb ladders or go up on dangerous roofs again to keep a well maintained gutter system on your home. Join the thousands of Chicago area homeowners who have said good bye to their old open trough clogged gutters and yes to clog free gutter protection.

Innovative Home Concepts is the Chicago Gutter Guards leader and offers the premiere Gutter Shutter clog free gutter system. Gutter Shutter is the strongest gutter system on the market, has the highest capacity of any gutter cover system on the market, and looks incredible on any house! See for yourself.

Have a knowledgable Gutter Protection expert from Innovative show you the benefits of the Gutter Shutter today so you can bid farewell to clogged, unsightly gutters forever.

Insurance Restoration

Major hail damage and wind damage can cause immediately and apparent roof and siding damage to a home. What many homeowners don’t realize is that smaller hail and wind storms can also do damage. Most times this damage isn’t visible to the untrained eye, yet if unrepaired can became a major problem in the future.

Aluminum Siding, gutters, and trim hail damage is pretty straight forward. Aluminum siding is hit by hail balls, branches, and other debris in a hail and/or wind storm and gets dented. Although functionally this may not effect the siding, the house is cosmetically damaged and the value of the home is diminished.

Wind damage to roofs is also pretty straight forward. Shingles get blown off, leaving the roof decking and ultimately the interior of your home exposed to rain and weather.

Where it gets tricky is minor hail damage to roofs. Asphalt roof shingles are basically made of tar covered with a layer of tiny stones on top. The stones give the shingles their color but also protect the tar layers from the sun’s UV radiation. UV radiation over time degrades and eats through tar. When a hail ball hits a shingle it causes a small dent in the tar and displaces the stone layer at the point of impact, thus exposing the tar layer. Over time the tar degrades and eventually a hole forms in the shingle which leaves the roof vulnerable to water infiltration. Many times this process can take several years and by the time it is discovered it is too late. Unless it is inspected by a professional and found out early.

Innovative has many years of experience with dealing with insurance companies. We will inspect your home, give you an honest assessment to whether it is damaged, help you make your claim, meet with your insurance company to ensure everything that needs to be fixed is indeed fixed, and then we will make the repairs in a professional and timely manner. We work for you and take all of the stress out of the process.

Let an Innovative Home Concepts Representative inspect your home for hail damage, it may save you big money and big hassles in the future!

- Replacement Windows Siding Roofing Gutter Guards Chicago IL

No matter what your home improvement project or remodeling dream, Innovative can help make it a reality! Call Us today at 888-356-9020

How Not to Get Ripped Off on Your Next Home Improvement Project

According to the BBB and other watch dog organizations, the home improvement industry ranks near the top for most complaints and lowest customer satisfaction ratings. The truth is any Joe Smo with a pick up truck and some ladders can call themselves a contractor. Some of these guys you can see coming from a mile away, but others are nothing more than slick talking, professional con artists!

The Bad News about Home Improvement Companies

The truth is, thousands of Chicago area homeowners are ripped off by shotty Chicago remodeling contractors every year. Taking deposits and not doing the work, using inferior products to save money, unqualified installers that incorrectly install products, homeowners being sued because workers get hurt with no insurance coverage, and home improvement companies disappearing and being unavailable or unwilling to do warranty repairs are just a few of the ways bad contractors rip off Chicagoland property owners.

The Good News about Home Improvement Companies

There are actually good companies, that use good products, that have good installers, who do a good job warrantying their work, who are fully insured, licensed, and trained to protect you and your home in case of problems. BUT. How do you find these quality home improvement companies.

The Really, Really Good Contractor News.

You’ve found Innovative Home Concepts, Inc. As a legitimate, legal, customer oriented, and professional contracting business, Innovate has structured it’s company around you! We strive for a positive and stress free customer experience which starts with our number one goal. to protect our customers while improving their homes.

Innovative has been helping Chicagoland homeowners replace their windows, siding, roofs, gutters, gutter guards, and doors for going on 7 years now. Our mission statement is simple, "Make Happy Customers" and we believe it. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We make our client’s home improvement projects a positive experience by providing the expertise, the products, and the manpower to get the job done right.

Why Home Improvements to your Home?

Your Home is your most value possession and as the saying goes, "your castle". Making home improvements in Chicago is considered by many experts to be one of the best investments you can make.

Increases the Value of your home- Any addition or improvement to your home will increase the value of it. Depending on the project, up to 100% of your investment in a home improvement can be recooped in the increased value to your property.

Can Lower your Energy Bills- Upgrading your current windows, siding, entry doors, patio doors, and even roofing can increase the energy efficiency of your home. If your air conditioning in the summer and furnace in the winter are running less that means less energy is being used and your utility bills will be proportionately lower. Saving you money!

Will Make your Home More Comfortable- Insulated siding, thermal pane windows, tighter doors, etc. will make your home tighter, decrease drafts, and actually lower the amount of outside noises you will hear inside your home.

Inc reases Pride of ownership in your home- Have fresh clean windows or nice new siding always gives our customers a sense of pride in their home, many times for the first time in years. Old doors that don’t work properly are a nuisance and an old roof with shingles missing is embarassing, not to mention don’t make you very proud of owning your home. New home improvement projects will make you fall in love with your home all over again!

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