Roof Hatches -

Roof Hatches -

Walk Through Access Doors

Acudor Roof Hatches

Roof Hatches Provide Convenient, Economical Access To The Roof Of A Building.

Hatch covers feature 1" cellulose insulation with cover liner. Continuous EPDM weather and draft seal gasket is attached to inside of cover. Cover offers a 40 lb./ sq. ft. capacity. Curb features 1" fiberboard roof insulation at exterior. 12"H curb has a wide bottom flange and pre-drilled mounting holes. Gas spring operators allow easy cover operation. Inside pull handle allows easy control when closing. Self-latching zinc-plated T-handle with stainless steel inside lock and lever assembly. Choose between prime coated Galvanized Steel or Aluminum. Optional Safety Ladder Extension is a permanently installed ladder extension that provides the safety of being able to get a firm grip while climbing in or out of a roof hatch. Telescoping Safety Post attaches securely to wall mounted ladders enabling an individual to enter or exit a floor hatch or roof hatch in an upright and balanced position. Telescoping Safety Post mounts to the top two ladder rungs, telescopes up and down, and locks in an upright position. Easily retracts to its original position.

Bilco Roof Hatches and Accessories

Bilco S-20 Galvanized Roof Hatch — 36"x30"

Miami-Dade Approved. Engineered with compression spring operators to provide smooth, easy, one-hand operation. Automatic hold-open arm locks the cover in the open position to ensure safe egress. Overlapping cover design, full welded corners on cover and curb, EPDM rubber gasket, and fully insulated cover and curb ensure weathertightness and energy efficiency. Constructed with corrosion resistant materials to provide many years of trouble free, dependable service. Heavy gauge construction and positive latching mechanism maintain building security. Curb features the Bil-Clip flashing system, an innovative method to quickly and easily secure single-ply roofing material to Bilco roof products. Designed for installation over fixed ladders.

Activar Roof Hatches

Roof Hatches -

Activar Roof Hatches Are Used For Use On Commercial, Industrial Or Institutional Buildings Or Structures.

Activar Roof Hatches are solidly manufactured for long lasting durability and dependability. Choose weather tight. 090 Aluminum or14 gauge Galvanized Steel types with 12 inch high curb and 3-5/8 inch wide flange for securing to roof deck. Curb includes 1 inch fiberboard insulation surrounding the base. 1 inch mineral wool insulation between the exterior cover and liner. Liner includes heavy-duty hinge and heavy gauge automatic hold open arm. 2 compression spring-operated cylinders. Available in various dimensions to fit particular size opening.Galvanized Roof Hatch With Safety Railing also available.

Bilco Smoke Vents, Automatic & Daylight

Bilco Smoke Vents, Automatic And Daylight Exhausts Noxious Fumes And Gases In A Variety Of Commercial Environments.

Bilco Smoke Vents, Automatic And Daylight are made of aluminum, galvanized steel or translucent aluminum for long lasting durability and dependability. Help firefighters in bringing fires under control by removing smoke, heat and gasses from burning building. Single leaf design used for applications requiring smaller vent areas, such as elevator shafts or stair wells. Double leaf design for large areas such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities. Daylighting design combines automatic smoke vent with added benefits of skylight. Available in various standard UL-listed sizes. Types are Single Leaf Automatic, Double Leaf Automatic, Double Leaf Daylighting. Colors and dimensions vary per type. Package quantity is 1.

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