Steel v Roof eHow

Steel v Roof eHow


Shingles, like asphalt or other composite materials, are usually cheaper than steel materials. The overall cost of the initial installation is also cheaper, since steel roofing requires more time and expertise.


According to, the average shingle roof lasts 15 to 20 years, while steel roofs have a 20- to 40-year warranty. However, both roofing materials can last shorter or longer depending on installation expertise and climate conditions.


Because steel roofing material lasts such a long time, it needs little maintenance for most of its lifetime. A roof made of composite shingles is also considered low-maintenance, but it may need lots of work toward the end of its lifetime or during severe weather conditions.

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Steel v Roof eHow

Steel Roof Styles. Steel is a favorite roofing material because of its durability, weather resistance and energy efficiency. Homeowners were initially skeptical.

With the high price of petroleum driving up the prices of petroleum-based asphalt shingles, consumers are taking a fresh look at metal.

While a variety of options exist for replacing old metal roofs, you likely will find the best replacement involves a new metal.

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Asphalt roll roofing consists of a layer of felt that is saturated in asphalt. It is nailed and cemented down over roof.

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