Superior Steel Roofing Systems Products

Superior Steel Roofing Systems Products

Steel roofing is an aesthetically pleasing and affordable roofing solution and is available from Superior Roofing in a variety of colours. See all the colours here.

Every Superior Steel Roofing Systems roof is designed to withstand our extreme Canadian climate. With a Superior Steel Roofing Systems roof you can rest easy; knowing that over 35 years of roofing expertise has gone into your Superior roof. A Superior Steel Roofing Systems roof is backed by Superiors excellent service and our 50 year no hassle transferable warranty.


We use 100% Canadian made PVC coated galvanized recycled steel (see Stelco PDF ) shakes that are strong, light and durable. We custom fit each panel on the most demanding roof lines and features. The shakes are installed onto our unique cross strapping system. This strapping system creates a self-ventilating roof and enables our installers to level your roof. Each roof shake is screwed in place with colour matched screws and neoprene washers for a watertight and secure installation. A Superior Steel Roofing Systems roof can be installed over most existing asphalt or cedar shingles. This eliminates the need for costly disposal and reduces the amount of material which is sent to our overburdened landfill sites. Superior quality ensures that our steel roof is the last roof your house will ever need.


The steel used on a Superior Steel Roofing Systems roof is coated by an incredibly tough, no maintenance PVC coating (see Stelco PDF ). This coating withstands the hard rain of summer and sheds the snow of winter. Our PVC finish will remain flexible on the hottest summer days or the coldest winter nights. Because the finish remains flexible you get a product that wont chip or crack.

Our steel shakes are superior to high maintenance, petroleum based shingles that have a limited lifetime and are expensive to replace. PVC coated steel is designed to last, so youll have a worry free roofing solution all year round.


Its not enough to have a durable roof; you want a roof that is aesthetically pleasing and that enhances your homes curb appeal. Superior Steel Roofing Systems offers seven beautiful colours to choose from. These colours resist fading because the colour is embedded in the PVC coating (see Stelco PDF ). Add our colour matched screws and you have a roof that will maintain its beauty for a lifetime. See all the colours here.


From the moment asphalt shingles are installed the shingles start to deteriorate. This deterioration continues and then accelerates over the short life span of an asphalt shingle. On the other hand, a Superior steel shake does not deteriorate. Because the cost of steel and the cost to install a steel roof are constantly increasing, the value of a steel roof will constantly increase.

Your roof is part of your largest investment your home or commercial property. You deserve the highest quality and durability for this investment. More durable than asphalt and other materials; our steel roofing system is your best long term value.


Superior Steel Roofing Systems is committed to your complete satisfaction. With our 50 Year no hassle warranty, you can be assured that your Superior roof will protect your home and family for a lifetime.

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