Sydney Roofing Directory Repair & Restoration

Sydney Roofing Directory Repair & Restoration

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When you are looking for roofing solutions for your home of business you should always focus on a company with a good reputation and solid customer testimonials.

Roof repairs can be an expensive business but to get it wrong and hire a poor contractor can be disastrous for you, your family or your business. There are many elements to your roof and each has a specialist skill attached all of which can be completed by a quality roofing company.

Bedding & Pointing

Tiled roofs at some stage will need bedding and pointing, and you will need to ask for the help of an expert.

Tile roof pointing restoration in old houses is almost guaranteed at some stage in the life of the building. This is after all just a cement mortar it will crack and fall out over time in the heat and cold of the Australian climate. Todays new flexible pointing allows the roof movement and a quality roofing professional can get it right for you at a price suitable.


If you are looking to buy COLORBOND® roofing you will need to go through an authorised COLORBOND® builder or reseller to get the genuine product.

If you are looking for COLORBOND® colours for your home than this chart should be what you are looking for located on their website. They also supply guttering and cladding that comes in a range of colours to suit your needs.

If you are not sure about what Colorbond is or are confused by the marketing this may simple description may help, its a brand name for a coated steel product which is manufactured by Bluescope Steel. The product is special galvanised steel that has gone through a technical process whereby the colour is bonded to the steel. The product is also helpful with the buildings heating and cooling properties when properly insulated.

If you are replacing an iron roof with a COLORBOND® galvanised steel roof you will not be disappointed.

Roof Flashing Weatherproofing

Leaky roof? You may have trouble with your flashing essentially the roof flashing is what keeps out the water from intersection or the termination of roof systems. You will usually find flashing at eves, skylights, wall intersections, chimneys. Due to the nature of the materials used they do water over time and should be replaced or repaired to prevent leaks and water seeming in to places it shouldnt.

Repairing existing flashing or patching up elements can be done, but you should be careful not to overlook the more serious elements and this may be cost effective in the short term but being cheap with flashing repair could cost you later with the building structural elements.

Detailed information on flashing can be found here

Roof Guttering: Residential, Commercial, Strata


Gutter cleaning is pretty important depending on where you live in Australia, a build-up of leaves and a floating ember can cause a catastrophe.  It is also important for those living in the cities around the country as a build-up can wreak havoc with water damage, nesting animals, termites and mosquitos.

Finding the right gutter cleaning equipment, tools or service provider that gets the job done right and gives you the best gutter cleaning price is well worth the effort.

It is easiest if you ensure you have the gutters cleaned on a schedule, each year (or as required), this will make sure it’s done each time and especially if you work with a strata company or commercial building get a decent gutter cleaning company and stick with them.

You may also wish to consider gutter protection or guard if you are having more trouble than necessary with leave or other debris. Check with your local roofing company for gutter guard prices or you will find it at your local hardware store if you fancy giving it ago yourself.

It may be time to have the gutters on your house replaced or repaired. If you do need maintenance then you should call a reputable service provider there are probably loads listed right here for you commercial, residential or strata needs.

Roof Restoration

It may be time to restore an old roof; the process may involve a number of things such as:

  • Resealing
  • Repainting
  • Re colouring
  • Re-Tiling
  • Re-Glazing or Glazing Terracotta roofs
  • Tile Roof Repairs
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Cavity Cleaning
  • Valley Repairs
  • Tile roof restoration

Roof restorations can be a costly business, it is always best to get a few quotes and check for referrals and even take a look at examples where possible.

Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof or re-roofing will normally involve the old roof being removed and replaced with the occupants still living in the building. Due to the nature of the work and building regulations this is quite a different procedure to repairing an existing building roof. There will need to be a large amount of care an attention taken to keep the area watertight and internal fixtures and fittings safe.

Asbestos roof removal or replacement can be costly; this is a specialised job due to the nature of the product and needs to be dealt with by professionals with the right equipment if you need believe you have asbestos in your roof talk to an expert to get a quote on the cost.

Skylight Repairs & Instillation

Leaky skylight? Need someone to fit one for you? Talk to an expert!

If you are in the market for a little extra light in your home or office then a window in the roof may be the answer.

It is recommended you hire a professional install your skylight. They will offer the best solution to suit your needs and provide you a number of choices to suit budget. Without the proper placement and correctly installed flashing you could end up with a leaky mess.

Skylight cost is all dependent on what you need, talk to an expert and get a quote.

Are looking for roof ventilator instillation? If you are having trouble keeping the house cool in the summer months then installing a whirlybird may be the answer.

Your roofing professional will be able to advise you if this type of device will be suitable for your home.  You may find depending on your house and roof construction you will not realise a benefit, but there can be a solution to cooling the roof space talk to an expert.

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