Art Thatch — Artificial Thatch — Thatch

Art Thatch - Artificial Thatch - Thatch

Forever Bamboo is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality green building and environmentally friendly thatch roofing materials. So we are proud to be a distributor for modern and affordable Art Thatch brand artificial thatching products. These high quality synthetic palm and faux reed materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly and recyclable polypropylene.

Baja Palm Thatch 3-Layer Sub-Panel Sample

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This new, innovative artificial thatch is made using modern techniques that give it a realistic appearance AND allows it to be competitively priced.

Our Art Thatch products are available in two eye catching styles that convincingly replicate the looks of traditional thatch work materials; faux palm and imitation reed. These premium synthetic roofing solutions will last for decades longer than natural thatch and come with a 20 year limited warranty.

Baja Palm and Zulu Reed synthetic thatch products all come in durable, easy-to-install panels. All panels have a flexible band that allows the panel to adjust to roof shape and contours.

Realistic & Affordable Synthetic Thatch

It used to be that artificial thatch was more expensive and not very realistic. All that has changed with the introduction of Art Thatch. This modern synthetic tiki thatching is a convincing imitation of real reed and palm thatch.

These attractive state of the art modern materials have the same affordability as real thatch, but with the cost effective advantage of not having to be replaced every five years. A thatched roof that will last 20 years or more, decades longer than traditional materials? That’s a savings in money and time!

Both Baja Palm and Zulu Reed artificial thatching systems come with a 20 year limited warranty and are available with fireproofing.

A further saving from using our Art Thatch artificial roof thatching products is that they last years longer than the highest quality natural thatched structures. A major cost savings in roof replacement labor, cost, and facility downtime.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Art Thatch brand synthetic palm and imitation reed thatching is made of safe and renewable polypropylene. This is one of the most chemically neutral plastics available in the market.

The non-toxic, neutral nature of polypropylene means that water runoff from roofs thatched with our Baja Palm and Zulu Reed synthetic thatching products will not harm human health, landscaping, water tables, or sensitive marine environments. This means your backyard, business or park will be safe for families as well as animals and plants.

This environmentally friendly and safe product is also 100% recyclable. If you have to put this synthetic thatch in a landfill, it’s safe to do that with polypropylene-based thatch as well.

A further bonus is that, in the event of an accidental structure fire, polypropylene does not release the toxic fumes of more dangerous plastics like PVC.

Baja Palm Artificial Palm Thatch

Our new Art Thatch brand synthetic tiki thatch is called Baja Palm. This style replicates the tropical look of Mexican and Caribbean natural palm thatch-work. It has all the natural warm tones and tropical tans of real islands palm roofing but lasts at least four times as long.

Zulu Reed Artificial Reed Thatch

This artificial reed recreates the traditional layered look of natural cape reed thatching. Zulu Reed panels imitate the texture and colors of real reed in a lovely and durable way that lets you have an authentic exotic reed roof that will last for many years longer than even our premium grade real reed thatch.

Art Thatch - Artificial Thatch - Thatch

Advantages of Art Thatch Synthetic Thatch

Baja Palm and Zulu Reed artificial thatch products are ALL maintenance free and 100% recyclable.

In addition to not requiring the same maintenance, repair and regular cleaning of natural thatch materials, synthetic roofing thatches are extra resistant to the mold and pests that traditional natural thatch roofing products are prone to.

One of these roofing pests is the termite, which is a common menace to roofs and other natural material structures. But our synthetic thatch is immune to termites as they have no taste for plastics.

Applications for Synthetic Thatch

Perfect for outdoor applications like covering the roofs of palapas, tiki bars, cabanas, umbrellas, chickee huts, and other custom thatched structures. Zulu Reed and Baja Palm thatch panels can be used in any situation where traditional natural materials can be used.

Our Art Thatch artificial palm and reed thatching products are also ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation for commercial and residential applications.

Consult Our Artificial Thatching Experts

Forever Bamboo™ staff members have the Art Thatch expertise and knowledge to assist with your synthetic roofing calculations in order to determine how many panels of imitation reed or simulated palm thatch to order. Consult one of our representatives to get all your questions answered.

Commercial Use

Our premium and affordable Art Thatch brand synthetic reed and imitation palm thatch is made of 100% recyclable, biodegradable and renewable Polypropylene. For commercial applications, wholesale discounts, or to re-sale any Forever Bamboo™ products, please contact us.

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