Asbestos Roofing Top Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Roofing Top Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has been found in a Kent alley that has, reportedly, been there for three months.

Children have also been playing in the alley where the dangerous asbestos has been dumped.

Parents living in the area have pleaded with Medway Council on numerous occasions in a bid to get the hazardous material removed.

However, reseidents have claimed that nobody has come to inspect the corrugated roofing asbestos containing asbestos dust, which has been flying around in the recent high winds.

A council spokesman said: The householder made a complaint about this waste at the end of March and details were passed to a contractor for removal.

Unfortunately this did not happen and we would like to apologise for the fact that our contractor did not pick up the waste.

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Corgi Hosiery a company awarded a Royal Warrant in 1989 for making Prince Charles socks has been found guilty of failure to protect its workers from the risks of asbestos.

After a complaint was made to the HSE, they ordered the factory to close and evacuate after the unqualified contractors were found removing high level asbestos from the premises.

Although the site had been tested in 14 separate areas and the asbestos roof removal was found to be removing white asbestos, there was also blue and brow found which changes the level of removal.

Worries are surrounding the health of workers at the site as the effect of asbestos can take years to show its effects.

The site has now subsequently been removed by someone who was qualified to do so but previously to this the site was said to be covered in asbestos dust.

Corgi was under the impression that the company were able to carry out the required work, but failed to live up to their duty of care.

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Asbestos Roofing Top Asbestos Removal

A waste management company has made an application to Peterborough City Council planners to allow the disposal of asbestos waste at their Eye site.

The application is part of  an extension that would keep the site open until at least 2021.

Currently there are no sites in Peterborough that take asbestos and all waste needs to be taken to other sites across the UK.

The application has cause some concern with local councilors who are worried at the effects on the surrounding areas.

It will be discussed at the Planning and Environmental Protection Committee at 1.30pm on February 7 when a decision should be made on the application.

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