Choose Unique Roof Truss Designs for Your House Building Green Solutions Now

Choose Unique Roof Truss Designs for Your House Building Green Solutions Now

Choose Unique Roof Truss Designs for Your House

April 30, 2012 | Author

Designing a roof   for your house, garage or even a backyard shed must adhere to some basic rules of construction and physics. Luckily, roof trusses make it easier to create a roof that is both unique to look at and structurally resilient to withstand extreme weather conditions and vibrations brought on by minor earthquakes and large vehicles.

Since their introduction within the 1960s, the utilization trusses has surpassed the use of conventional roof rafters and frames. Nearly 75% of new home builders go for prefabricated trusses made of either timber or steel instead of building   a traditional roof frame.

Roof trusses are prefabricated triangular units that are professionally created offsite by engineers with high quality materials and then shipped to the construction   site where theyre quickly assembled. These trusses permit huge labor and price savings and greatly increases construction speed. They provide a lot more flexibility, allowing builders to create unique and beautiful roof designs that can positively influence the eventual market price of your property.

Trusses also let your roof to span much larger areas without resorting to many interior load bearing walls as was the case with traditional roof building. You will find, however, two downsides that come with using most types of roof trusses.

Trusses create less useable space within the attic area of the structure compared to traditional roof construction. Having adequate attic space maybe vital that you some homebuilders.

Some types of trusses dont leave enough space for insulation at the points where the roof meets the outer wall thus affecting the overall energy efficiency of your house.

Types of Roof Trusses

There are four types of truss designs that are presently wildly popular among new home builders and designers. Each type carries its very own benefits and unique features.

Choose Unique Roof Truss Designs for Your House Building Green Solutions Now

Raised Heel Truss. The Raised Heel truss tries to remedy the problem of ones efficiency by extra time to the outside wall of the building to provide extra space for insulation. For this reason, raised heel trusses are often more expensive than other types of roof trusses.

Dropped Chord Truss. A dropped truss reduces truss uplift and also provides thicker insulation. This kind of truss contains a traditional horizontal truss having a second lower chord below, hence the name dropped chord.

Scissor Truss. The low chords of the type of truss are slanted, instead of horizontal. Many times, it utilized in buildings to achieve a cathedral like ceiling and to create a wide open space on the floor without support beams.

Parallel Chord Truss. Parallel chord trusses can to achieve a long spans and are generally able bear larger loads than other types of roof trusses. This kind of truss is the least energy efficient but allows for more efficient utilization of materials.

Gradually alter learn as much as possible about these types of roof trusses even if you have hired a professional to take care of the development and design of your brand-new home or even the renovation of the existing structure. Ask your professional to show you photographic examples or have a drive to view examples of these roof designs personally.

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