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Its officially Earth Day, and while millions of americans and people around the globe are contemplating how to be more environmentally friendly, choosing your home can be one of the biggest contributions.  We have all done the reusable grocery bag thing, planted a tree and even considered using a bicycle (no thanks to gas prices).  However, a home is a long term commitment and one of your biggest investments. Choosing something that lasts, like Green Roofing, can not only effect our world, but also your utility bills.

Green Roofing is not a new concept.

Usually Green Roofing refers to actually putting greenery on your roof. IE Plants, Gardens, and even grass!  But there are a few other things you can do to Green your home or roof.

1. Getting stylish with Solar

Solar shingles are cleverly designed to blend in with regular shingles.  So you dont have to worry about revamping your whole roof. It fits right in and you can swap out  your old shingle for the new solar shingle. Also you may want to install building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) along the entire surface of your roof.  BIPVs look like regular ol roofing shingles, except for the fact that they have electricity generating capacity and they are  slightly shinier in appearance. These shingles easily merge in with other roofing materials much more appealing than traditional roof solar panels.

  • Maintenance you would think it requires more maitenance, but really its about the same as your average roof
  • Cost So solar does cost more, but there are tax rebates available and it pays off in the long run. There is an ITC tax incentive that for all commercial and residential solar roofing components, 30% back!
  • I get money back. with BIVPs you can actually generate enough electricity, that you end up selling power back to the utility company. Imagine that!
  • Benefits to the earth   this one is a no-brainer, instead if perpetuating the cycle, you are independently removing yourself from the system that contributes to higher gas prices, higher utility bills..etc.  And contribution to the health and wealth of our planet.
  • Benefits to you Adds value to your home. Homes with solar upgrades, have more property value.  It puts money back in your pocket, and you get to set the bar for other folks in your neighborhood.

2.   Paint The Town White

Cool Roofing orWhite roofs.Do you remember learning about colors in middle school chemistry?  When white is all of the colors put together, and black, is the absence of color?  And Im sure that you are aware that a black car gets hotter than a white car quicker?

Same idea with roofs.  White reflects light, and black absorbs its.  If you were to paint your roof white you would actually reflect more heat and energy than it absorbs.  I recall when my mother-in-laws roof vent fan broke, it was extremely hott in her home, and I had to climb into the attic to fix it.  In such a scenario, white roofing would actually help to keep your home cooled, especially in the summer months.   And actually, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the Obama  administration wanted to paint roofs an energy-reflecting white, as he took part in a climate change symposium.

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