Jacksonville Residential Roofing, residential roofing contractors, residential roofers

Jacksonville Residential Roofing, residential roofing contractors, residential roofers

Your Jacksonville Residential Roofing Company!

Align Roofing appreciates the opportunity to work on your Jacksonville residential roofing project and we would like to explain a little bit about our process.

Jacksonville residential roofing overview:

Job Scheduling:

You will find that we strive to complete all of our Jacksonville residential roofing jobs in a timely manner, however this is Florida, so if bad weather does come into play, we will advise of any necessary rescheduling.


Currently there are quite a number of choices with an extremely wide variety of materials you may want to choose for your Jacksonville residential roofing project. Some of the more common styles are:

Composite Shingles.   Working on Jacksonville residential roofing  jobs for over 29 years we have installed a LOT of shingle roofs. This is the most popular of the sheathing materials available today because not only is it cost effectively than any other roofing shingles, but it offers very desirable performance features. Composite shingles are a mixture of commonly used roofing materials such as slate, shake, laminate, wood, and slate. Composite shingles come in a variety of different colors, shapes and size.

Wood Shakes. This type of basic wooden shingle that is made from split logs. Wood shakes provide long lasting weather protection and cater to a wooden, rustic aesthetic. However, wood shakes require more maintenance than other roofing shingles.

Clay Tiles and Slate Roofing. This type of residential roofing provides a home with a rustic and handmade appearance. Clay tiles and slate roofing offers a variety of textures and colors that give any home character.

Concrete Tiles. Enhance the roof of your home with concrete tiles with its beautiful colors and different styles. Concrete tiles are long lasting and with regular maintenance will minimize the need to re-roof your home in the future. An extremely popular choice for Jacksonville residential roofing due to the tropical style homes found here.

Metal Roofs. This light weight and durable option offers a variety of benefits such as hail resistance, wind resistant, fire and spark resistant, and more. In the past, metal roofs were popular to cover larger buildings and they had the advantage of design flexibility and energy efficiency. This roofing option requires little maintenance and can be catered to your environmental surroundings. Align roofing is proud to say that Metal roofs are now a fantastic choice for Jacksonville residential roofing projects as well as commercial roofing and agricultural roofing jobs. We have styles that would fitting for anything from the most elegant home, using faux style spanish shingles, to standard seamless metal roofing for your barn.

We will thoroughly cover all of the ins and outs of the various styles of Jacksonville residential roofing and what would best suit your home, and budget.

Jacksonville Residential Roofing, residential roofing contractors, residential roofers

Delivery Dates:

During our Delievery Day please be sure that you have the delivery area cleared of any vehicles, lawn furniture, childrens toys, etc. Let us know well in advance if there are to be any changes in your delivery instructions.

Complete Cleanup:

We use only dump trucks and trailers on our jobs. NO DUMPSTERS are used on our projects as they can crack and damage driveways and sidewalks. We magnetize the entire project area on a daily basis to remove all nails and debris related to the job.

Professional Crews:

Our Jacksonville residential roofing crews are courteous and respectful of your home or business. They have the extensive experience and expertise to perform your project to the highest degree of industry standards.


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