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Bollinger Roofing has the ability and expertise to perform work on any type of residential or commercial roof. We take great pride in diagnosing problems and fixing them. Whether it is a small leak in your home, or a reroofing project at your commercial facility, we have the resources and trained mechanics to do your project the right way. Bollinger Roofing is licensed with the major roofing manufacturers and is capable of issuing those companies ‘ highest warranties. We also are licensed to design and install lightning protection systems. We offer a preventative maintenance program. which gives the home or building owner an annual inspection, complete with a report and pictures, showing the work needed to be done, as well as the finished product. Finally, we are certified and aligned with a major solar panel manufacturer, and have the ability and expertise to provide your home or business with p hotovoltaic energy. Below is a list of the different roofing applications we provide, as well as a summary of our expertise in solar applications and lightning arrestor systems.

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Solar Panel Installation-

Bollinger Roofing is in the unique position to offer its customers design and installation of Photovoltaic panels by inhouse personel who have over 30 years of roofing and solar experience. We feel our combined background in roofing and solar systems assures a leak free quality application of PV applicances. For more information, please call us.

EPDM ( ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), also known as rubber roofing, is a single ply sheet known for its durability, elasticity and ease of installation. EPDM leads the industry in both application and architectural specification. There are three different installation applications of EPDM; Fully Adhered, Ballasted, and Mechanically Attached.

Fully adhered installations are designed to adhere the single ply sheet to either your deck or substrate. Mechanically attached installations call for the contractor to fasten the sheet to the deck or substrate with approved fasteners. Ballasted installations are when pavers or stone is set on the sheet, weighing the sheet down to the roof or substrate. Bollinger Roofing has installed and maintained all of the different types of EPDM roofing applications. Bollinger Roofing has installed 1000’s of sq feet of EPDM roofing and was one of the initial roofing companies in Baltimore to install an EPDM roof.

TPO ( Thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing is also a single ply sheet good. The TPO membrane is based on ethylene-propylene. TPO is known for its high reflectivity, durability, and resistance to chemical elements. There are two different installation applications of TPO; Full adhered and Mechanically Attached. Fully adhered installations are designed to adhere the single ply TPO sheet to either your deck or substrate. Mechanically attached installations call for the contractor to fasten the TPO sheet your substrate. Whether it be at a hospital, assisted living center, office building, or home; Bollinger Roofing has the expertise to install your TPO roof the right way.

PVC roofing is a proprietary thermoplastic combination of resins, flame retardents, biocides, and plasticizers. PVC is known for its reflectivity, durability, and ease of application. There are two different installation applications of PVC; Mechanically attached and Fully Adhered. Bollinger Roofing has the expertise and ability to install PVC on your restaurant, retail facility, office building or home.

Slate is known as the most beautiful and durable roofing product. For centuries, slate has sheltered the most renowned cathedrals, places of education, and homes across the globe. Bollinger Roofing is known in the Baltimore area for its expertise in slate work. Whether it be identifying and fixing a leak, or replacing your slate roof, Bollinger Roofing has the knowledge and capability to do it the right way. Bollinger Roofing has been repairing and installing slate roofs since 1936; few companies in Maryland can claim this longevity and experience.

Concrete and Clay roofing tiles are known for their beauty, longevity, and distinct appearance. Tiles are usually flat or rounded and range from Spanish tiles to New England Colonial to more contemporary tiles. Much like slate, tile roofs usually last significantly longer, with proper maintenance, then shingle roofing applications. Bollinger Roofing has the knowledge and expertise to identify and repair a leak in your home, or replace or relay your tile roof on your facility, church, or residence.

There are two types of asphalt shingles: glass fiber and organic. In both shingle products, asphalt is saturated or coated into the glass fiber and organic mat. Shingle technology is ever growing, allowing the customer to choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and durability. Bollinger Roofing is an approved applicator of all the major shingle manufacturers. What sets us apart from other shingle roofing applicators is our experience, ease of installation, and attention to detail. We make it our only goal to leave our residential customers completely satisfied not only after installation, but also during your roofing project.

Lightning Arrestor Systems-

Bollinger Roofing is proud to be one of a few companies in Maryland that is associated with the Lightning Protection Institute. We are a licensed journeyman installer of lightning arrestor systems, the only roofing company in Baltimore to hold this license. We initially became involved in lightning arrestor systems due to the fact that we received many customer complaints after these systems were installed because the installers would jeopardize the integrity of their roof. All of our systems are engineered to successfully take a strike, as well as properly installed so that their roofing substrate remains sound. We work hand and hand with lightning arrestor manufacturers to insure that your home or facility is engineered to take a lightning strike and disperse it into the earth safely. While other companies may install lightning arrestor systems, we help design/install these systems, knowing that they are fully capable of taking a lightning strike.

Built Up Roofing (BUR)/Modified Bitumen (MB)-

Modified Bitumen (MB) and Built Up Roofing (BUR) is an asphalt based roofing application that is generally used for low slope installations. Bollinger Roofing has trained mechanics with years of BUR and MB installation experience. Bollinger Roofing takes great pride in its safe, clean, and efficient application of BUR and MB roofing systems.

Architectural Metal/ Sheet Metal Fabrication-

Bollinger Roofing has experience both in fabricating and installing what in the trade is referred to as architectural sheet metal systems, including flat and standing seam roofs and cornice gutters. We are also accomplished in the newer pre engineered metal applications as well as typical hung gutter and downspouts.

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