Buy Roof Wash Online Wash Safe Industries Wash Safe Industries

Buy Roof Wash Online Wash Safe Industries Wash Safe Industries

Roof Wash, our eco-safe roof cleaner, will remove stains on your roof from molds or fungus. It will not damage your home or the landscaping, and will not put your children or pets at risk.



Use Roof Wash to remove stains caused by moss, black algae, mold, lichen or any fungus that may grow on roofs. It’s highly effective on all types of roofing material: asphalt, metal, tile, wood shake, rubber and new composite materials. Note: we do have some roof cleaning products made specifically for other types of roofing like "Cedar Wash" for Cedar Shake Roofs and "Tile Roof Wash" for all types of cement and clay barrel tile roofing .

If you are afraid of spraying a chemical up on your roof you should be. Not only can the chemical run off and damage your plants and lawn, but some roof cleaning products sold online can be fatal to your pets. These toxic chemicals can alter the color of your roof and stain any other surface it may contact on the way off the roof. Our roof cleaner, "Roof Wash" is made from earth friendly hydrogen peroxide and it will not harm people, pets or property. As an oxygen based cleaner, the product only has an active life of 4-6 short hours before this product biodegrades, making it by far the safest product in the roof cleaning industry.

Roof cleaning can be accomplished two ways, 1. The roof can be physically washed with light pressure or 2. Mother Nature can do the rinsing. Roof cleaning contractors go up on the roof and physically wash the roof down. There is always a natural concern from the home owner about someone pressure washing their roof, a pressure wand in inexperienced hands can cause serious problems to a roof but a pressure washer in experienced hands will result the highest quality, longest lasting clean available. After applying the Roof Wash the correct method is to be up on the roof using light pressure aiming down the roof at all times at the angle of the roof, this way there is never direct pressure with the roof. The pressure washer in this fashion is just being used to rinse the roof down, sending all the waste and debris into the gutters. There are also special nozzles for pressure washers that we manufacture called Soft Tips that would further reduce the impact pressure on a roof by up to 70%. When a roof is professionally cleaned this way, no damage occurs to the roof.

Most home owners do not have the capability of cleaning their roof the way a contractor would so most choose method number 2 and let Mother Nature help out. Nothing will ever get a roof as clean as when it is physically washed down with a pressure washer, but this method will get the roof pretty darn close, let’s say 85-90% cleaner. To do this, apply the solution to the roof and let it dry, then apply one more coat and leave the roof for Mother Nature to wash. Timing an approaching works well too. A repeat application may be necessary after a number of rainstorms if the roof isn’t as clean as you would like it but you can clearly see the roof get cleaner and cleaner after every storm, it will continue to clean itself for months and months after the application. If hiring someone to do the job is what you would rather do, a roof cleaning contractor can be found in every state now, but if you can’t find one, we would be glad to speak to your local handyman and go over the cleaning process with them, just give us a call. Our customer service staff is very experienced in roof cleaning, we have put over 3,000 roof cleaning contractors in business and have assisted countless home owners with the advice they need to clean their own roof. We encourage you to use the toll free help number if you need help with your project. The biggest challenge as a home owner is figuring out how apply the product to your roof especially if you have one of those hard to reach roofs and we can help with that.

There is no need to go toxic when cleaning your roof, why open yourself up to host of potential problems when you can use something as safe as this Roof Wash.

How to Clean Your Roof with Roof Wash

Contractor Size Buckets

Special discount pricing for three or more buckets. Each 40lb bucket cleans 12-16,000 sq. ft. (note: Roof Cleaning contractors average 7-10 medium size roofs with one 40lb bucket)

Attention contractors. thinking about starting a roof cleaning company? click here for more info .

The video below takes you through the roof cleaning process from "start to finish", this is how a typical roof cleaning contractor who uses our Wash Safe roof cleaning chemicals would clean your roof. If you are a home owner, contractor or handyman and have a pressure washer and a water transfer pump or can rent them, you can clean a roof as easy as seen demonstrated in the video. The crew cleaned this roof in about two hours from start to finish. The video is extremely informative and teaches you the complete roof cleaning process.

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"Our house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac, all you could see driving up the street was our dirty roof, it was so embarrassing but now it is clean again, thank you so much for creating this great product"

Joanne McMurray, Hillsboro, NC

"I sprayed it on the moss, within 5 days it was brown and a month later it was gone with no damage to the roof" Ava McKenzie, Olympia, WA

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