DR Roof Restorations Services

DR Roof Restorations Services

Deciding whether to repair. restore or replace a roof can be a daunting prospect, but please remember your roof protects everything under it and if you feel you need someone you can trust and who can lay out all the options in plain English. We’re confident we fit that description.

Roof Repairs

If you have noticed your roof is looking a little more damaged than usual, or, if you have discovered some horrifying leaks in your roof, then it might be time to consider roofing repair services now, before weather conditions make it worse. At DR Roof Restorations, we specialise in roofing repair services that are done fast and efficiently. From replacing a few tiles to a complete restoration, we have the experience and the quality service to get the job done right.

Types of roofing repairs.

Missing or damaged tiles – have you noticed that some of your tiles are broken or the cement work is falling out? If this is the case, then your roof is not doing its job- offering complete protection from the weather and climate. If a tile is missing, then the roof structure is more vulnerable to water damage and rotting problems. It is best to repair any broken tiles as soon as possible to prevent the problem from spreading.

Deterioration of tiles — another common reason for roofing repair is due to tile deteriorating over time. This is often caused by daily wear and tear due to the harsh weather. Heavy rain can all lead to water damage and rotting while sun’s rays can also cause the tiles to deteriorate over time.

Flashing deterioration – if you are noticed roof leaks in your home, then it could be due to flashing deterioration. Without good, tight flashing around your chimneys, vents and other roof structures, water can easily enter the home. In many instances, flashing problems can be fixed by simply replacing the roofing material around these structures.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is necessary for most roofs at some point. There are a number of ways in which your roof could deteriorate over time, including daily wear and tear caused by the weather and damages caused by natural disasters. Victoria is known for its dramatic sun, and occasional heavy down-pours which can cause problems down the road. This is why it is important to consider giving your roof a make-over every now and again.

Our Services Also Include:

• Roof tile supply

• Complete Roof Restorations

• Roof tiles for extensions

• Re roofing

• Re bedding and flexible pointing compound

• Broken tiles replaced

• Roof pressure cleaning. moss removed

• Saftey rail

• Pergola roofs both colorbond and polycarbonate (ampelite and lazerlite)

• Real Estate Agents (rental and sales)

• Retirement village

• Commercial property

• Insurance companies

• Domestic homes and dweling

DR Roof Restorations Services

DR Roof Restoration specialises in all types of roofing restoration. We can bring new life to your roof and ensure that it holds up during those harsh seasons. If you notice any leaking or damage on your roof, then it is best to call a us for a free estimate on the costs to repair these problems. In some instances of storm damage you may be able to claim the costs through your insurance company.

Why roof restoration? Still not sure if restoring your roof is a good option for you? Below are some great reasons to restore your roof:

It can add value to your home – a restored roof is a big plus when it comes to the real estate market. It can add precious value as well as a faster sale to your home.

It can add pride to your home -no one wants to live in a house that looks run down. A restored roof can make your home look like new again.

It can protect you during the weather – a restored roof will provide you with the peace of mind that you are not going to get wet due to leaks in your roof.

Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is not something most of us want to spend our rainy day funds on. After all, wouldn’t it be more fun to take the family on a long vacation instead? However, the reality is, all roofs will eventually need replacing, just like all houses will eventually need a new paint job and all carpets will eventually need a proper cleaning. This is a fact of life.

If you are noticing your roof looks a little worse for wear, or if you have discovered some unfortunate leaks or problems, then your best bet is to contact a DR Roof Restorations for a free estimate on what you need. We can handle all your roofing replacement needs, no matter what type of material and what type of budget you are on.

There are a number of reasons why a roof may need a minor or major repair. a complete restoration or even replacing. The most common are daily wear and tear brought on by weather. birds. possums and other vermin:

Rain Damage – Victorian rain can come hard and fast and when this water get underneath tiles, shingles or other roofing material, it can cause the structure to rot and a lot more damage to the interior.

Wind Damage – high winds can lift tiles off your roof and force water into the ceiling. This can lead to excess build up and damage to the interior of your home ,office. shop or factory. Including personal items. stock ect

Hail Damage – hail damage is a common problem for your roof. The hail can cause damage to the roof tiles as well as excessive water leaks.

High Pressure Cleaning — We also high pressure clean driveways. homes. graffiti removal from all surfaces. can also repaint all surfaces using water based coatings with petrol airless spray unit

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