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Hail Damage Insurance Claims - Dallas Insurance Claims Specialist

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MYTH. I can get a new roof for free because my roofer says he is going to cover or waive my deductible!

FACT. Waiving Deductibles Discounting Deductibles Sign Allowances Its All Against The Law! (Texas State Law Chapter 35 Insurance Fraud Section 35.02(7)(B). According to the TDI (Texas Department of Insurance), it is an illegal, for contractors to cover deductibles. After a hails storm YOU WILL be bombarded by roofing contractors offering you a new roof, with little to no money out of your pocket.

THE GREY AREA: Do most roofing companies do this? Yes! Is it likely that the Texas Attorney General will prosecute you, most like not (unless you knowing submit a fraudulent invoice for work that was not done to avoid paying your deductible). But, putting the illegality of covering deductibles and questionable insurance fraud aspect, ask yourself this question, How can any roofing contractor stay in business if they eat $2000-$4000 on your shingle project. Financially it cant be done, leaving the contractor to cut corners or take your money and run. Just how long can a roofing contractor stay in business using this sales tactic?

ON A SIDE NOTE: If you receive an ACV (actual cash value) payment for collateral damage to your property, like for awnings, gutters, fencing, etc. you can use that to help pay your deductible. AGAIN, you or your roofing contractor cannot claim reimbursement from your insurance company for work that was not done, which is insurance fraud.

MYTH. “My roofer says I have lot of hail damage and I should file a claim”.

FACT. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is a magnet of “easy-money” for a lot of so-called roofers. Most roofing sales people have no clue what they are looking at. Make sure you work with a qualified and knowledge roofing professional, look for roofing certifications like HAAG Engineering or the NRCIA. Ask your roofing sales person what HIS or HER personal roofing experience. If you feel comfortable with them and their findings, then call your insurance company and file a claim.

MYTH. A contingency agreement is just another way for a roofer to screw me.

FACT. This can go both ways. A contingency agreement typically includes two parts, an inspection agreement, which gives the contractor permission to request an inspection from your insurance company and a work-order agreement, which obligates you to use that roofing contractor to perform your repairs if damage is confirmed. If a roofing contractor invests time and money in helping you with your claim with your insurance company, it is only good faith to use them, as long as you are satisfied with their performance. On the other hand, if you do sign a contingency agreement and your roofing contractor does nothing, then you have every right to seek another roofing representative to help with your insurance claim, with no regrets!

Hail Damage Insurance Claims - Dallas Insurance Claims Specialist

MYTH. If I find a roofer that does my roof cheaper than my insurance claim I get to keep whats left over!

FACT. Remember, filing an insurance claim is not like winning the Lotto or winning in Vegas. When you purchase an insurance policy you are entering into a contract with your insurance company to share the risk. Instead of paying $10,000-$20,000 for a new roof or other property damage you are only paying a 1%-2% of your insured value. Your insurance company is contractually obligated to return your property to the like or same condition prior to the claim (or storm).

MYTH. My insurance company will cancel my policy if I file a claim.

FACT. Most states prohibit insurance companies from canceling policies for filing claims arising from severe weather related events. Check with TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) and your policy language as well. Remember: Most insurance companies will review your policy if you do have more than three claims, even if they are not paid.

MYTH. My insurance adjuster denied my claim now IM screwed!

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