How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost

If you’ve had the roof repairer out one too many times, it might be time to find out how much roof replacement costs. Ultimately, you will have to get quotes from roofing specialists, who will be able to give you accurate quotes for roof removal and replacement. In the meantime, though, here are some things to consider.

Replace or Repair?

Roofs can leak for a variety of reasons. A tile might be cracked or broken; a poor job done when a roof was installed may let leaks in during heavy storms; or your guttering may be backing up. A lot of these problems can be fixed and if your roof is just looking tired and old, maybe all your roof needs is a good cleaning.

Your roof is your first line of defence against the weather. When you consider that a roof is battered by rain and fried by the sun 365 days a year, it’s amazing how long they last. They do eventually need replacing, though. We often put off roof replacement because we’re worried about the cost, the danger of leaving the house exposed while the replacement is taking place or both. Put off replacing your roof for too long, though, and things can only get worse.

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?*

The cost of roof replacement depends on a number of things. Roofing materials are obviously one of those things, but the cost of the materials are not the only factor. While concrete tiles, for instance, cost less than terracotta tiles, their price difference isn’t a significant part of the entire replacement cost. A Colorbond roof is easier and less expensive to install than a tile roof in most cases, but even then, the cost difference may not be enough to sway your decision. Some other things a roofing contractor will have to consider include:

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost
  • The condition of your roof support structure. An old support system may need extensive repairs.
  • Switching from a heavy material to a light material or vice versa might require some work on the roof support system or even wall support.
  • Old fibro roofs require careful removal and disposal to prevent asbestos fibres from being released.
  • A complex roof structure will cost more to replace than a simple skillion roof.
  • Access to the roof may factor into the price.

All things considered, roofing specialists hesitate to give quotes until they have had a chance to inspect a roof in person. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a fair estimate first, though. As a rule of thumb, the professionals estimate a roof replacement will cost somewhere between $75 and $110 per square metre, including your chosen roofing material. Expect to pay on the high end of the scale if you choose high quality tiles, which cost around $40 per square metre alone and something closer to the lower end of the scale for Colorbond or Zincalume.

To get a better idea of the cost of your roof replacement, get out your house plans or measure your roof so you can give roofing contractors an idea of the size of your roof before they inspect it in person. Also keep in mind the points outlined above and pass whatever information you can on to them. Before you accept a quote or sign a contract, be sure everything is listed in detail on the quote or contract and always inspect the contractor’s license and insurance before you give them the go-ahead. Using an unlicensed or uninsured tradie is a recipe for disaster.

*Cost and prices in this article are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces.

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