How Much Will A New Roof Cost in Dayton Ohio

How Much Will A New Roof Cost in Dayton Ohio

Obviously the first thing any homeowner wants to know when they are told they need a new roof is whats it going to cost?.  And for good reason too!  New roofing for your home is expensive, were talking several thousand dollars expensive for the average homeowner (yes unfortunately).

First off Please understand its virtually impossible to give out roofing estimates over the Internet.  We can only discuss some real world examples and rough ball park estimates.  If youd like an exact cost estimate for your Dayton, Ohio roof replacement then you can request a roofing estimate here .

Every roof we work with is different, even two homes in the same sub-division, built at the same time could have the different roofing materials, or even different roofing contractors that completed the projected.  So with that that said, its important to know that no two projects will be alike.  This is why its so important to have a thorough inspection of your roof to give an accurate estimate.

So Whats The Roof Going To Cost Me?

Just for the sake of example lets say youre working with a 2500 square foot roof on your home.  A new roof could cost you as little as $6,500 or that same sized roof could end up costing you well over $13,000+.  Two of the most important factors for pricing a roof are the pitch of the roof (how steep your roof actually is) and the amount of layered roofing material your roofer needs to work with.  The steeper the roof, and the more layers of material that need to be installed the higher the price.  Its a lot more work!

Does Your Roof Have Any Damage?

If your roof has damage that wasnt discovered during the original inspection (it can happen) you will need to be prepared to fix it.  Usually during the visual inspections and tear-off we can get a good indication of what were working with.  If the roof decking is damaged or rotten then it will need to be replaced before new shingles can be laid.

Here Are Some Tips To Make It Easier For Your Roofer

Move any vehicles from the driveway, or any boats, RVs or other large items that would otherwise block our access to your roof.  In many cases we like to back a trailer up as close to the house as possible so we can toss the old roofing material directly into our trailer and not onto a tarp in your yard, which then needs to be moved by hand into a trailer for disposal or recycling.

How Much Will A New Roof Cost in Dayton Ohio

If your property is difficult to access then you can count on us having a more difficult time as roofing is very physically demanding work.

Choosing Your Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are another contributing cost factor to your roof.  For most homeowners looking for an economical choice, they will go with asphalt shingles.  There are many manufacturers and different types of asphalt shingles on the market so its important to choose a roofing contractor who will spend a bit of time with you helping you choose the right shingle.

Whos The Best Roofing Contractor in Dayton, Ohio?

Remarkable Roofing is a full service roofing company based out of Dayton, Ohio.  With outstanding customer service and an experienced roofing crew well be able to complete your roofing project hassle free, on time and for a very competitive price.

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