How To Build A House Step-by-step eBook You can build your own house if you know how

How To Build A House Step-by-step eBook You can build your own house if you know how

Are you thinking of building your own house? If you are not sure about how to build a house then dont worry, as most new home builders arent experienced, and it can be challenging especially if you dont plan the building own house carefully, and start running over budget.

When you decide to build your home, you need to get everything ready before construction starts, this means plan every last detail out. This way you will avoid extra costs and when you do have extra costs they will be minimized.

1. Make sure you write everything down and plan everything before hand including the cost of each stage of the home building. These costs can be estimated before you start the project, you can get estimates from each contractor. Be sure you get the house plans drawn out before starting on the project. That way you will know what the house will be like before it is even built. By using plans you can make the needed changes before you actually start building own house.

Visit home accessory stores, so you get an idea of what kind of finishes and plumbing fixtures you want.

2. Once you know what kind of materials you want ask your contractor to quote using those materials.

3. Be sure you get everything set before you start building, as this is absolutely key in saving costs. When you decide to make changes after the construction has started, you will pay a price and really you should analyze any changes you want to make after construction has started and evaluate whether the added cost is really worth it.

4. If you plan on building a large home, a two story home or a home that has a special shape then you must realize that you will need to spend more money. The size, shape and type of home will influence how much you pay in construction.

5. Make sure you have an extra fund for those unforeseen expenses. You never know what will make costs go up, it is usually at the beginning or at the end of construction that you may find the costs go up.

Most of the time if you are a new to building your own house and you dont know that there are so many intricate processes to building a home, and that there are many different contractors that work on the different stages of the house. There are contractors that prep the land and build the foundation, then contractors that do the basic framing, the brick work, other that do roofing, contractors that work plumbing and electricity, flooring, etc.

There are many different sets of skills that are needed when building a home, and because of this it is often very easy to go over budget. These added costs usually happen at either the beginning of the construction or the end, when you start adding the finishing touches.

Most new home builders run into problems when its time to add the finishings to the house, things like cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. That is why Its important you begin to price these items of building own house long before you start construction.

Long-life Materials Add Economy When Building Your Own House

One of lifes greatest joys and challenges is considering how to build a house. Your home is the single most important investment you are likely to make in your lifetime. Some quality time spent online researching various materials can bring enormous benefits in economy and efficiency.

Starting from the top, there are a handful of materials typically used for the roof. Slate and tile roofs last the longest, anywhere from 50 years for tile to a full 100 years for slate. Wood shingle and asphalt roofing materials should be good for 15-30 years.

The exterior material used when you decide how to build a house is a significant investment as well as a personal style statement. Brick and stucco materials should last for the life of the building. Improvements in the installation and technology of aluminum and vinyl siding materials now brings estimated life expectancies of 25-50 years.

Other exterior items like gutters, driveways, decks and patios have varying life spans. Gutters should not need replacement for 25- 30 years. Brick and concrete patios also have similar life spans. Wood decks, on the other hand, are generally only usable for 15-20 years. All of these should be considered when deciding how to build a house.

Inside the house, flooring will comprise a large part of the home building budget. Longer lasting materials will cost more initially, but real wood oak and pine floors or high quality ceramic tiling can last for 100 years. Expect to replace laminate flooring with 15 years and carpet within 10 years, depending upon your familys daily wear and tear quotient.

There are literally thousands of choices of how to build a house. One of the most enjoyable aspects is selecting those materials that reflect your personal style. Make use of the many resources online to help you select your best choices for quality and long-life.

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