Roof Pricing in Atlanta Sparrow Exteriors Specializing in roof repair and replacement,

Roof Pricing in Atlanta Sparrow Exteriors Specializing in roof repair and replacement,

Roof Pricing in Atlanta?

Posted by gfusion on September 12, 2011

Probably the most common questions we are asked are “How much does a roof cost in Atlanta?” and/or “How much do you charge per square?”

Since each roof is unique unto itself, each roof should have a cost based on its specific requirements. Some are steeper than others. Some require more labor traversing a ladder up multiple stories. You must factor in accessories such as valley metal, flashing, pipe jacks, various forms of ventilation . skylights and so on.

Beware any contractor who operates under a “one size fits all” approach. Anyone who spouts out a generic per square price may be setting themselves or you up for additional hidden costs once the project is underway.

Market Conditions:

Market conditions affect a contractor’s price. Currently, the roofing industry is experiencing fluctuations in material and labor costs. Demand brought on by severe storms across the U.S. shortages from plant closings and increases in petroleum all add up to instability within the asphalt shingle market.

Making matters worse, Georgia has little to no regulations in place protecting consumers. Georgia does not have performance requirements, testing or major licensing requirements. As a result, Atlanta roofing contractors range from fly-by-night “Chucks in a truck” to professional organizations: Contractors with all the proper insurance, quality installers and business structure you would want.

Muddying the waters further is software called Xactimate; the self professed “industrys number one estimating solution for insurance repair.”

Xactimate is software published by Xactware Inc. The company collects cost related data and provides an estimate of what it believes a contractor should charge. At one time Xactware was independently owned, but it has since been bought out by ISO. which is owned by Verisk Analytics. who is owned by… major insurance providers such as AIG. The Hartford and Travelers Insurance .

The software that once collected cost related data with little to no bias, to determine market pricing, has since been bought out and now serves the insurance providers in their attempt to subversively set and control market pricing.

Per Xactimate:

Xactware publishes prices as close to the mid-point of the market as possible.  As a result, generally half of the providers in each market will be priced higher, and half lower than the cost shown here.  Due to the structure at which different roofing companies operate (traditional sub-contractors vs. roofing sales organizations) roofing costs quoted by local providers can cover a very broad / large range of prices.

In layman’s terms, the software your insurance provider uses to “determine market pricing” admits its pricing isn’t accurate, in part because it averages fly by night contractors, together with subcontractors and professional construction companies.

In this unrestricted market there are thousands of low end, corner cutting roofers and only a select handful of quality contractors. This imbalance throws the average off significantly, resulting in Xactimate producing low end quotes.

Professional Sales Organizations are always more than subcontracted labor and more than Xactimates baseline pricing.

As with any program, the results are only as good as the data entered. Insurance adjusters are trained in tweaking items here and there to save additional costs. We routinely encounter insurance claims where the Xactimate estimate the insurer produced is hundreds to sometimes even thousands of dollars less than what it should be.

So What Does This all Mean to Someone With an Insurance Claim?

Simply this: Don’t settle.

You have the right to choose the contractor you want to perform the work, so pick one with a reputation for quality. Don’t become side tracked and focus on the price differences between what Xactimate is showing and what the contractor is quoting. Rather, focus on quality.

Insist the contractor puts in writing that you will not be held responsible to make up any differences in cost. When dealing with replacing a roof due to an insured loss, all you should be responsible for is your deductible, rotten decking and upgrades that you have approved. Let the contractor work out their price with the insurer. The insurance providers will not over pay and the contractor does not have to perform the work if there is not enough money allotted.

Typically, differences in price are negotiated over a phone call or through an email or two. Once a figure is reached that is acceptable to both parties, your insurer and contractor will notify you.

This approach results in everyone winning. You get a quality installation, the insurer pays less than the contractor would charge otherwise, and although the contractor performs the work for slightly less than normal, they earn another referral and make up for the minimal loss in volume.

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