Roof Restoration Services Smarter Roofing

Roof Restoration Services Smarter Roofing

Smarter Roofings restoration process:

3. Care of your Property

4. Replace Broken Tiles

As a result of our initial roof inspection all cracked or broken tiles are replaced.

5. High pressure cleaning

Where necessary during the cleaning of roofs, down pipes are disconnected to comply with some council regulations

6. Rebedding of Ridges

Ridges are re-bedded where necessary.

We remove the ridge capping and using a bedding frame align the bedding mix along the guided railing to ensure the same height of the ridges and also ensures that the ridge capping is on nice and straight.

7. Roof Repointed in Flexipoint

Ridge Caps are all Re-Bedded where necessary, and Re-pointed with Flexi Point to ensure Ridge Security.

Flexi Point is a flexible compound that will withstand construction movement and prevent cracking unlike sand and cement mixes.

8. Repointing Of Ridge Caps – New Roof System

The NEW ROOF SYSTEM simply means that re-pointing is completed after the roof is coated and a colour match flexible pointing is used, leaving a new roof look.

9. Prep Kleen Applied to Roof

Prep Kleen: Is applied after pressure cleaning. Particular attention is paid to the lip of the tile, as this area is not washed by rain and is a collection of debris. Prep Kleen is a low toxicity bacterial fungal and algae wash.

Prep Kleen is formulated to treat fungal spore before over coating. It will kill the spores so no growth will grow through the coatings after application.

10. Roof Sealer – 501/4

Roof Sealer: Is a product that is formulated to consolidate and encapsulate the surface layer of the tile(s), as well as aid inter-coat adhesion with paint. A solvent based material it has the ability to act as a penetrating sealer, which in cases where the tile is heavily oxidizing will allow for maximum adhesion for top coatings.

Put simply, being solvent based it will penetrate the tile, and seal it completely unlike other products that use water based sealers that will only sit on top of the tile and not completely seal it.

11. Roof Coating – Dulux Roof Membrane or Ultralast paint

Dulux 962 Roof Membrane is applied as a 2 coat application creating a thick glossy protective membrane; the coating is glossy to duplicate the look of a new roof. Alternatively we can use Ultralast.

Every form of matter has its life span; your roof as well. On average, a cemented tiled roof has a life span of about fifty years. The roof is the most exposed part of the building to the environment and therefore wears out due to processes such as erosion. This means the upper coating which acts like the protective layer is eroded away leaving the title exposed and unprotected. The tile is simply made of cement and sand and so it cannot withstand the environmental pressures like heavy rains, the scorching sun or the snow and with time it gives way. This leads to some tiles chipping off explaining why you sometimes find sand in the gutter and why the roof may even leak. The tiles at this stage have become very thin and brittle leaving you with only one option: to do a roof replacement .

When it comes to roof replacement, there are a lot of dynamics in play. For instance, the lifespan of the cemented tile roof can be extended to sixty or seventy years only if professional roof resurfacing is done. Here at Sydney Roof Replacement, we are best at prolonging the life of these roofs and we ensure quality resurfacing of your roof.

In addition, we have another type of tiles called the Terra Cotta tiles whose lifespan is about seventy years. The uniqueness of these tiles is their clay component. These tiles have stood the test of time; many houses built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s are still standing and providing shelter to many people. They were shipped from France as ballast. Today, most of the tiles manufactured in Australia borrow from this history thus we have modern French style.

We at Smarter Roofing ensure that we get Terra Cotta tiles that have been meticulously baked in the kilns and adequately laminated to strengthen them. They are also safely transported to avoid any cracks on them and are professionally fitted by our team that the finished roof is iconic, an epitome of style and creativity.

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