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The questions the customer should ask when considering purchasing a roof coating sealant because they do not want to have to continually repair the roof or undertake a complete roof replacement:Historically, even though there have been some really great advances in the technology, Elastomerics, "Mastics" were not initially designed to be waterproofing roofs, or below grade projects, limited rather to verticals (walls) that’s because they hold a percentage of h2o in its film thickness after exposure to water then return back to its dry state. This type of product is to be applied at a minimum of 100 sq. ft. per gallon, two coats are applied to arrive at no less than 8 dry mills, per coat. Also water barrier Elastomerics or Mastics require a third paint coat to protect it from damage from weathering, "protect the protectrant" doesn’t make much sense.Additional coats every 3 to five years could be very costly, be certain to do the math and if your roof is considered a low slope tile roof or shingle roof we would not recommend their use because the restrictions on the performance data precludes prolonged submersion or negative drainage.

FACT:******** Our local contracting and manufacturing firm that has the side by side documented still photo’s, video footage, contracts of specific property’s dated before the recent hurricanes of all the houses on the street missing roof tiles except the homes that had Roof Shield System. B. ******** Roofprotect products were installed prior to the advent of real hurricane force winds.The Roof Store site provides several commercial & residential shingle, cement tile, barrel tile, metal & flat built up roofs jobs with the name address and phone number throughout Broward and Palm Beach County for edification.FACT:Elastomeric manufacturers products specifically used on roofs can give their position on ponding water and what they will guarantee in writing. Our waterproof products were derived from swimming pools and below grade projects and can provide a 10 year Leak Free Warranty..Manufactured waterproof products are 100% Acrylic resin, no clay or fillers are added.Weatherproof products and systems have an additional hard coating or reinforcement layer that has proven testing to strengthen the exiting roof system by being all points monolithic and seamless.   FACT:Elastomerics or Mastics are generally known as water barriers requiring more maintenance such as recoating every 3 to 5 years, (paint layers added to protect the protection). It is important to aquire all performance claims in plain English from the manufacturer, what it is windproof, what is waterproof,what is hurricane proof, and what exactly is a weatherproof product to them and get it in writing.

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Roof Shield System Coatinds were originally devolped in Broward County,Ft Lauderdale, Florida to permanently stop roof leaks on all types of roofs by completely waterproofing flat cement tile roofs, barrel tile roofs, shingle tile roofs, exiting leaky traditional built up commercial flat roofs, residential flat roof replacements, foam waterproofed metal roofs, improve on general roof repair maintenance service technigues, and asphalt roof waterproof paint sealant products. The original trademarked liquid applied rubber Roof Shield System rubber roof coating services we have installed has proven that it provides permanent traditional roof repair, roof replacement service alternatives in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County." Roof Shield and protect your home today".

Our site is dedicated to providing information the property owner should be made aware of before they make the decision to do specific roof repairs, reroof or any kind of roof installation. The Roof Shield System utilizing Roofprotect seamless coating products have been the proven re-roof replacement roof repair solution to stop roof leaks and protect the roof against hurricane force winds and water damage, which is the ever-present severe weathering known to consistently damage and destroy the traditional Broward County Roof Systems in our area. About the owner My work experience began in 1980 primarily in the general construction and roofing industry’s. I joined the EMS services as a certified Fire Fighter EMT by 1985 and on my days off continued to work in construction. By 1987 started a company in the fire and flood restoration business. Working closely with the insurance industry I took notice of the roof aspect playing a big part in that businesses success. In 1992 the public was devastated by the inadequacies of the standard roofing systems here in Florida.Development of my roof coating process was at best part time over the next several years making a few adjustments. While still refining the idea I eventually took the basic system to the Ft Lauderdale Home Show in 1994. It did well enough so I expanded my restoration service company in 1995 to accommodate the waterproof roof sealant products need in the market place.In 2004 two major hurricanes, Wilma and Katrina passed write over our area and we then had the unequivable proof that the design really works.To protect our interest beyond common law we filed our official trademark in 2006. The Roof Shield System was tested by Dade County’s Tas-106 Uplift Exam in 2007 and to date is the only tile roof coating system applied to an exiting old roof tile system with its extreme pressure results.After the tests were completed we received our completed mark in 2009, Don’t Re Roof Weatherproof @1/2 The Cost ,"The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System",Restores Protects & Preserves.

I have seen a few companies offering our basic concept in a mirade of different products, all I can say,"its  specialised work

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We manufacture and gaurantee the products we install"   The Complete Roof Shield System surpasses the minimum standard Miami Dade High Velocity Wind Zone South Florida Building Code requirements by 5 x’s, as it should & don’t be fooled by copy cats there is a big difference! Read the Questions the Customer Should ask section Our Roof Coating & Manufacturing Company of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is "The Original liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System" Trademark owner that produces real rubberized waterproof roof coatings, weatherproof roof tile sealers that are maintenance FREE, mildew resistant, energy efficient, hurricane proof tested products Our Trademark (Reg. No. 3,633,280)For: Elastomeric-Based Liquid Roof and tile weatherproofing coating used for permanently locking down roof tiles made of cement, metal, clay, fiberglass composites, plastics, modified bitumen, synthetic resins, shingles, tile materials and substrate, in class 2 (U.S. CLS. 6, 11 and 16) For: Roofing installation and roofing repair services, in class 37 (U.S. CLS. 100, 103 and 106) For: Treatment of Materials in the field of roof construction, namely, weatherproofing and weatherproofing roof surfaces by monolithically covering and sealing roof tiles and roof panels with a waterproof and weather proof membrane that restores, protects and preserves the roof surface, in class 40 (U.S. CLS. 100, 103, and 106).


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