Roofing Products Bliss Roofing

Roofing Products Bliss Roofing

There are basically two types of roofing tile; ceramic tile and cement tile. Cement tiles are the most common application today. They are formed from colored cement in many patterns to simulate original ceramic tile profiles. Ceramic tiles are made from carefully selected shales and fireclays. They are kiln-fired into a hard, dense, frost-proof tile. Special finishes can be added to the surfaces of the tile, as well as a multitude of glazed colors.

Bliss Roofing, Inc. is proud

to be one of the original installers of Monier Lifetile

in the Northwest. We began installing tile in the early 1970s and over the years have developed expertise in installing concrete tile to suit the Northwest climate. We offer several installation options. In addition to installation per manufactures standard specifications, we offer installation upgrades to silver or gold installation. These upgraded systems come with Bliss Roofings extended labor warranties

The Bronze System installation meets the manufactures standard tile installation specifications. This includes:

  • EPS anti-ponding foam installed at the eave lines.
  • One ply of ASTM 30 lb. felt underlayment 1x2x4 cedar tile battens fastened directly to the deck.
  • Roofing Products Bliss Roofing
  • Pre-painted metal (28 gauge or better) valley, wall, chimney base and necessary exhaust vents for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Standard Northwest profiles (Shake and Roma) in stock colors, complete with trim tile to match.
  • Tile is cut tight to hip board and sealed with roof cement
  • Ridge tape is used under the ridge tiles
  • All trim is tabbed and nailed
  • Valleys are installed closed style on double W flashings
  • The tiles are fastened per manufactures ICBO report #2093
  • Clean ups are optional and priced individually
  • This option carries a 5-year warranty against leaks due to workmanship

The Silver System installation includes the basic specifications of the Bronze System Installation with the following upgraded items:

  • 26 gauge pre-painted anti-ponding flashing in lieu of foam at eave lines. The advantage of this is two-fold. First, the flashing bridges the gap between the elevated fascia and the roof sheathing. Second, it always creates positive slope by absorbing any variations that the foam cannot.
  • On lower slopes (6/12 and under), we install a double layer of felt underlayment in the field
  • In higher slopes, the felt is doubled at the eave line and offered as an option for the field.
  • The batten system is changed to elevated battens that allow the water to flow without restriction.
  • This option carries a 7-year warranty against leaks due to workmanship.

The Gold System is the ultimate installation system. This installation includes all of the specifications and upgrades of the Bronze and Silver Systems plus:

  • additional upgrades to the underlayment areas to prevent problems which can arise 20 to 30 years after initial installation of tile
  • Ice & Water Shield is installed at the eave line in lieu of felt. This adheres to the anti-ponding flashing and creates a watertight seal. Ice & Water Shield is installed up the valleys instead of 30 pound felt underlayment.
  • The Gold System Installation upgrades the labor warranty to 10 years.

Tile Roof Maintenance

All permanent roof systems require regular maintenance. Leaves and moss that clog sensitive areas can cause unavoidable leaks. In the Northwest, we often contend with several freeze and thaw cycles during winter months. If water gets into a hairline crack and freezes, it will break tile. Often these hairline fractures are not detectable for several years after installation. We also have a moss problem in the Northwest. These maintenance issues are not covered by our installation warranty. Yearly or bi-yearly maintenance programs will help to prevent these problems and are available at Bliss Roofing.

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