Services Duraloc Roofing Systems

Services Duraloc Roofing Systems

One of the features of our trademarked Dura-Loc Roofing System is that it can be recoated with our elastomeric finish coat to extend the warranty. By adding a coat of elastomeric coating every five years, the system continues to get thicker with each coating, giving your roof more tensile strength and better elasticity.  The cost is a fraction of the original installation and in the long term the entire system will still cost less than replacing your existing tile roof.

Our final product gives your roof a new look, great energy savings, durablility against Floridas harshest weather and storms.

Our Tile-Loc Roofing System is designed to economically reduce the movement of tiles in the tile roofing.  It can reduce tile uplift during high winds and helps prevent breakage of tiles when they are pressured washed.

We continue to improve our Premium Dura-Loc MST-100-ES Coating Systems by adding new features and safeguards which improve the performance of one of the strongest roofing systems available today.

There are many types of standing seam roofs that range from the most basic to standing seam roofs with non-exposed fasteners, having a high wind rating up to 240 mph.  Some are painted steel. Another type is rust resistant. There is also painted Kynar 500, which is a baked-on coating and will last much longer than other types of painted metal roofs.

5-V Metal roof in Southwest Florida

5-V metal roofs have exposed fasteners. The primary advantage is a lower cost for a metal roof.  We install metal roofs all over Fort Myers, also Charlotte and Collier Counties.  So give us a call today!

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material in North America.  They are economical and versatile, work well on steep-sloped roofs, are sunlight and weather resistant, require little-to-no maintenance and are reasonably priced.  In addition, asphalt shingles are also easy to cut, fasten, and fit, as well as being compatible with many different kinds of flashing and edging products.  Furthermore, they dont require specialized accessories for roof edges, wall terminations, and chimney or vent flashing.

Asphalt Shingles in Fort Myers

These shingles are typically reinforced by organic or fiberglass material.  Fiberglass shingles use fiberglass reinforcing mat, while the organic kind use a cellulose-fiber mat derived from wood. Fiberglass roofing shingles are more popular because they are more fire resistant, tear resistant, last longer, and are the most budget-friendly.

Dura-Loc Roofing serves Southwest Florida

Asphalt shingles now come in all kinds or colors and profiles, and to enhance the aesthetic pleasure of asphalt roofing shingles, they may be coated with special laminate to provide an eye-pleasing texture.  They also can come equipped with a zinc plating to protect against algae buildup.  Keep in mind, any and all additional features will increase the pricing of your roof but asphalt shingles are still going to be the most affordable roofing option.

All roofing material manufacturers are required to meet building code regulations, which include the tested wind speed these materials can handle before a blow off occurs.   Feel free to browse some of these manufacturers specifications for more information.  If you have questions about a specific material, feel free to contact us.

Fort Myers Tile Roofing

We offer a variety of tile roofing solutions from Hanson, Eagle and Monier Lifestyle. Wintex Industries Dura-Loc is your authorized vender of these fine products.  We DO NOT use subcontractors so as to ensure quality of installation and backing of our warranty work.  All installations, warranty work and other services are performed by Wintex employees.

Tile roofing is definitely becoming one of the most popular materials used in roofing.  It is available in concrete or clay and in many different colors and shapes.  Its versatility gives homeowners the ability to find something that matches their home.  Concrete roofing tiles offer elegant, long-term aesthetics for house designs and improved marketablilty for the builder.  They also provide greater protection to the homeowner.

Roofing tiles come in all styles.  Flat barrel and S are just some of the offerings.  In Fort Myers and other parts of Florida, shapes of Spanish mission and rounded tiles are widely popular.

In 2008, there were 16 named storms and eight hurricanes, five of which were major that is, classified as Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale of storm intensity with winds of 111 mph or higher.

At Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, we understand the urgency of getting a roofer to respond to you after damages have been done to your home or business.  We are on call during all major storm events and have repair crews ready to respond to your emergency roof repairs.  In the tropical climate of Southwest Florida, which  is prone to direct hits for six months of every year, we must be ready for any situation that may occur.

Dura-Loc Roofing Systems has been conducting business in Southwest Florida for 23 years and we know that our reaction to your emergency can be one of the most important things to your life.  As members of the community, we understand this especially during our rainy and hurricane season.  Preventative maintenance is the key to protecting one of your most valuable assets.  Please feel free to contact us if you need an inspection or estimate to repair or replace your existing roofing.

We assist you in processing your insurance documents and protect your home from further damage at your time of critical need.

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