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No one knows Metal Roofing in Florida’s Cultural Coast region better than Mark Kaufman Roofing. With over 35 years of experience working with Metal roofing from Sarasota to Boca Grande, we have seen many metal roof successes and failure. We know which metal roofing systems succeed in our area.

Metal Roofing materials have come a long way from the corrugated roofs of years past. Stone coated steel metal roofing tiles simulate the beauty of tile and other roofing materials without stressing the rest your structure under the heavy weight load. Stone coated steel roofing is designed to take advantage of metal’s qualities of durability, as well as to withstand storms, fire, rot, and insect infestations.

Stone coated steel metal tiles and roofing panels are designed to withstand the tests of time. Starting with a base of quality structural grade 26-Gauge steel, its first layer of protection is the molten aluminum-zinc alloy, a galvanized coating that provides protection and strength. Immediately after an acrylic coating is applied to both sides of the panel, enhancing the longevity of the galvalume and the steel core. The exterior side is then covered with a highly UV resistant acrylic resin binder that serves as to bond for the ceramic/stone chips, as well as adding more water and light protection. The ceramic coated stone chips add a protective coating against weather erosion while looking great. The final glaze coat of acrylic with yet another layer of UV inhibitors that encapsulates the granules and gives each tile or panel a semi-gloss appearance is the finishing touch.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles are manufactured in styles that replicate the look of wood shakes, classic roof tiles, high profile S tiles, or asphalt shingles. Because they are available in such a wide variety of styles, they look great on virtually every architectural style of home and last a lifetime. Mark Kaufman Roofing installs Gerard Stone Coated Metal Roof Tiles and Metal Shingle Roofing because they allow us to create a look that not only fits the architectural style of your home, but improves your home’s value and provides long-lasting protection.

Gerard Roofing Technology

Gerard Roofing Technology s premium stone coated steel roofing systems will provide you with the last roof you will ever need. Gerard has stone coated metal tile and shingle roofing systems in a variety of colors and styles. Canyon Shake lets you enjoy the look of wood without the costly maintenance. Barrel Vault gives you the look of an S style tile roof without the added weight of stone or cement. Classic Tile  is Gerards original stone coated steel metal roofing tile. Granite Ridge Shingles give you the look of  high-end architectural asphalt shingles with the durability and strength of steel.

Mark Kaufman Roofing, based in Sarasota and North Port, provides Stone Coated Metal Roofing Repair and Metal Roof Replacement, as well as trained Stone Coated Metal Roof installers throughout the Florida Cultural Coast region. Mark Kaufman Roofing has established itself as one of the region’s best roofing contractors for homeowners, commercial contractors, realtors and property managers.

We understand the common stone coated metal roofing repair and roof replacement needs in the Sarasota, North Port, and Boca Grande areas. We also offer the best roof certification leak warranty in the roofing industry and provide many other roofing contractor services in Florida.

Our Sarasota Metal Roofing Services include:

Find the best quality stone coated metal roofing contractor on Floridas Cultural Coast. Contact Mark Kaufman Roofing today for your  stone coated metal roofing needs in Sarasota, North Port, Boca Grande, and everywhere in between.

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