The Best Colors for a Roof eHow

The Best Colors for a Roof eHow


Gray is one of the most common roof colors but it is versatile as well because you can opt for light or dark tones. It is an ideal fit for a home with a traditional design, though it can complement a variety of house styles depending on the color of the house. White, black, green, yellow and blue houses all pair well with a gray roof. Darker houses, including those that are black or deep shades of green and blue, look best with dark gray roofs, while white, yellow or light green and blue homes typically appear more attractive with light gray roofing.


A brown roof may be a good fit for a home with a brick exterior if the bricks have warm brown or yellow undertones. However, it can also be used to complement homes that are painted or covered with siding in neutral colors. Different shades of brown, tan, white, off-white, cream and yellow all may be paired successfully with a brown roof.


A green roof can be used to provide an accent color to your home or complement similar tones in the houses exterior. It can provide an attractive contrast to a home that features wood siding if you prefer a bolder look, but also pairs well with gray and white homes. For a subtler look, pair a green roof with a home that is painted or covered in siding in a lighter shade of green.

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The Best Colors for a Roof eHow

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