Top Roofers Available In Calgary If You Know Your Calgary RoofingCalgary Roofing Companies Reviews

Top Roofers Available In Calgary If You Know Your Calgary RoofingCalgary Roofing Companies Reviews

At some point every home owner will be faced with roofing repairs and may have to get help from one of the many roofing companies in Calgary. The roof may be worn out and need to be replaced or maybe it has suffered from massive storm damage like Calgary had in 2010.

In any case it is important that once you have obvious damage or are experiencing leaks, that you must take immediate action and make repairs. Ignoring the problem will only lead to more expenses as water entry will quickly lead to other  structural damage which your insurance is unlikely to cover if you deliberately didnt repair your bad roof.

Small problems like a few missing or damaged shingles may be fixable by the home owner if you know what you are doing and are not afraid of climbing onto your roof. A leak resulting from a loose nail however can be quite annoying and hard to find  but is easily fixed once located.

Make sure to put a bucket in the attic to catch any water before it gets under the insulation if there is going to be a delay in finding and fixing a small leak. If there is a large area damaged that cant be fixed right away then buy a cheap tarp from Canadian Tire or where ever and cover up that section of the roof so water cant get under the roofs compromised exterior.

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For more major problems or a complete roof replacement it is likely that you will need to hire one of the many roofing repair companies. Like anything else, there are both good ones and bad ones. If you are a victim of storm damage then you probably will have to go into a queue to get service as all the roofing companies will be swamped with work. The aftermath of a bad storm can bring out the best and worst in people. Some of your neighbors may lend a  helping hand providing a temporary fix to help stabilize the situation until the professionals arrive.

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When large storms hit an area really hard often outside contractors will see it as a business opportunity and move into town to get a share of the  work. You have to be very careful who you hire in these situations as they may take your money, not do a very good job, and youll never see them again. I think it is always better to deal with the local Calgary companies as their quality of work will be better known around town and you can ask some other home owner friends for a referral. The better business bureau (BBB) can often offer an online opinion about a roofing company no matter where it is from.

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Its also better to do some homework before the roofing contractor pays you a visit to give you an estimate. Be aware of the work involved and the surprises that may be encountered.

First of all, problems with the sub roofing that were not apparent before the old roofing got stripped will now be more obvious. If the roofing company finds problems here it is going to cost you extra because you will be told that it was unforeseen and now will require extra time and materials above the initial repair estimate.

Have them show you the damage before you agree to pay. The sub roofing damage should be obvious to you both from on top or underneath in the attic. You will see water stains and black streaks along with rotting lumber from your attic. You may also require other repairs within your house due to any water damage but right now we just want to deal with the roofing repairs.

You may also want to put special sealant paper under the new roofing along the bottom three feet of roof or so next to the eaves. If you get a lot of snow and have a fairly low slope roof (ie: less than 5/12 slope) its probably a good investment to avoid leaking due to run back.

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This roof will leak in a heavy rain because the shingles have been improperly installed and the water can get underneath them and into your attic. Some  companies may suggest that your old roofing is in good enough shape that it doesnt have to be stripped off but if youve got a mess like this then at the very least the roofing will have to be partially removed, perhaps some peal and stick sealant paper installed and then the roofing reinstalled.

If the roof is more than 10 years old then it is better just to start over. A roof installed this way for this period of time is likely to also have some issues with the sub roofing underneath it and needs to removed, inspected, and fixed properly. Quite often we allow ourselves to be BSd by whom we consider professionals. Use your brain and your instincts to try to uncover those situations because if you dont, its going to cost you a lot more money later on.

It will cost you less money in the long run to fix your roof properly the first time, especially if you expect to live in the house for at least the next 10 years.  Youll get a lot better job by stripping off the old roof, seeing the condition of the sub roofing underneath and repairing it if necessary before installing a new roof. Once you strip your roofing and are starting over you should replace everything. That includes sealant paper, flashing, vents, gaskets and caulking.

If  some of your old shingles are curled up and sort of hump backed, it is likely that your attic doesnt have enough ventilation and excessive heat build up in the summers has damaged them. You therefore need extra vents with the new installation. The stacked ventilators that stick up 2 or 3 feet above the roof like those on a barn provide the best ventilation and wont get buried under the snow like the flat plastic ones most people use.

Stripping off that old roofing will cost you more and removing it to a landfill will be quite expensive because of the dumping fees. It could be several hundred dollars, so make sure in the estimate that they single this fee out for you so you can compare costs. Yes I recommend getting at least two estimates before giving anyone the job. You might be surprised at the difference in the two but remember that you also want the job done right, so beware of people that make you a too low ball offer. They might be planning on cutting some corners.

The roofing materials are the largest part of the cost along with the labor. Here is how YOU can determine how much material it will take. Estimate the total square footage of your roof and then go to the local lumber yard to get a price for the new shingles. They are sold by the square which covers 100 square feet, or in other  words an area measuring 10 feet by 10 feet.  In spite of the government switch to metric, to my knowledge shingles are still sold by the square everywhere.

Take the total square footage of your roof and add about 10% to it to be sure you allow for some waste and divide that area by 100. You now know the number of squares your roofer will require even before you get their estimate.

Typically a shingles life expectancy is measured in years like 20 years, 25 years, and 30 years etc.  The more years, the more material in the shingle, and the longer it will last. A rule of thumb I use is to always buy the next higher grade of shingle then you think you want. By that I mean if you dont want to put on another new roof for at least the next 20 years, then buy a 25 year shingle instead of a 20.

It might only cost an extra few hundred dollars today to use the better quality shingle but think what that can mean 20 years down the road when you might need another roof and wish you had that extra 5 years instead of another expensive roofing job. Look at your cycle of life and where you are likely to be age wise and money wise 20 to 25 years from now. Typically my experience has been that the roofing doesnt last quite as long as they predict and so thats why I suggest the extra 5 year thingy.

You should be able to estimate pretty close what your material costs will be. Get the dealer to also add in some miscellaneous items like flashing, sealant paper, and nails. If you decide to use the barn type ventilators I mentioned before, talk it over with the lumber guy to determine how many you will need. They cost about $150 to $200 each right now and an average size home with a straight roof will require at least two, more if you have a larger home or a roof with multiple peaks.

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Now you want to compare your cost to what a Calgary contractor will charge you. Once youve done this exercise you will be able to specify to the roofing company the exact shingle and materials you want included in their estimate.

A roofing company usually gets contractor prices at the lumber yard which are generally cheaper than what the lumber guy will sell to you so when you receive your estimates from the roofing companies, the actual cost of materials they show should be less than what the guy at the lumber yard gave you.

If the contractors roofing  materials estimate is higher than what you know you can buy them for, then either get a price reduction from him, find another company, or failing that, just buy the shingles and other materials yourself and have someone do the removal and install.

NOTE. Theres a warranty that comes with your new roofing and by buying it yourself and keeping the bill you have proof for any future warranty claims. Try and make sure whatever you do that you buy a well known brand name that has been around for a few years so that 10 or 15 years down the road the roofing manufacturer is more likely to still be in business if you need some warranty work.

Here is some extra education for you. READ what the manufacturer prints on the roofing packaging. It will spell out in detail how the roofing material must be installed in order for the warranty not to be voided. You will be surprised how sloppy some of the installers can be, so dont standby and say nothing if you know they arent applying the material properly and thus voiding YOUR warranty from day one. Some of the manufacturers for example will clearly state that the warranty is voided if the shingles are stapled on instead of nailed.

If you do contract with a Calgary company  to do all the work including the materials make sure it states in the contract the number of squares they are providing. At the end of the job there will be at least a few bundles (3 bundles=1 square) left over and they belong to YOU. Store at least one square somewhere in a cool dry place so that if minor damage occurs to the roof in the coming years you will have the exact material match to make repairs with.

Here are a few more tips.  When interviewing roofing companies in Calgary ask them if they nail the shingles or use air staplers. There are  air nailers and staplers and contractors like them because they are fast! I like to see hand nailing myself  because the nailing is likely to be more accurate in the nailing strip (ideally 6 nails per shingle) and the shingle is less likely to be damaged in the process.

Also you want fairly warm weather to put down a new roof in Calgary. In the early spring, late fall, and winter, it is too cold for the shingles to seal and a good wind can have them flapping and breaking off  in the breeze.

Last but not least NEVER pay your roofer ANY money up front. When they finish the job and you are satisfied, thats when they get paid. If they say they want enough money up front to buy the materials, then YOU go and pay for the materials yourself. Now you own the materials and you only pay them for labor and the disposal of the old shingles. Any other arrangement is asking for trouble in my opinion.

If the company balks at the idea of you buying the materials then it is likely a red flag. They probably were intending to mark up the price of the materials for the job and make a bit extra moola on the spread between their cost and what they were going to charge you. Thats why you need to price the materials yourself as well as get a second estimate.

Why should you care about what Im telling you here?  No particular reason except in the last 40 years or so Ive had three roofs put on my house and each one taught me something new. I also know lots of other home owners that have had both good and bad experiences doing the same thing. If you think that three roofs in 40 years is too many, it is! That was the cost of my roofing education. Dont let it be yours.

Putting a new roof on your home is the most costly regular maintenance a home owner faces. You know that it will happen and by making the right decisions now its fairly predicable when you will need your next new roof. I mentioned the term life cycle earlier because how old you are now and how long you plan to live in your present house are key factors in determining todays roofing costs and future ones.

If you are young and building a new home you plan to live in forever, then it may make sense to install a 5o year roof but dont think that means you will never have any more roofing costs for 5o years. Its likely the roofing will keep you dry for that time but esthetically it could present some problems that the 50 year warranty wont cover, and those problems could be very expensive to fix.

Keep in mind that labor is perhaps the biggest roofing cost and the dumping fees that go with it are the same whether you are removing a 10 year old roof or a 20 year old roof so paying a bit more now for a longer lasting roof could have a big pay back years from now if you get a roof that lasts just long enough so you dont have to replace it again.

The points I have made here are based on my experiences and those of others. You can use them to your benefit or ignore them. Its your choice and your money. I hope you find this a useful resource when comparing Calgary roofing companies.

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