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Ubiflex Lead Substitute Lead Alternative Ubiflex Lead Substitute Roof Stores Buy Roofing Materials

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Ubiflex Lead Free Flashing System

Lead Free Flashing is the modern day alternative to lead. It is used in areas where traditional Lead Flasing is used such as chineys, around rooflights and pitched valley linings.

Ubiflex is a non lead flashing material which can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally installed. Ubiflex can also be used to form damp proof courses and cavity trays in masonary walls.

Effective, attractive roof detailing — without the compromises

Use Ubiflex wherever you used to use lead

Ubiflex is malleable like lead, allowing it to be formed into an infanite variety of shapes,to form:

Stepped flashings

Abutment flashings

Chimney flashings

Pitched roof valley liners

DPCs and cavity trays in masonry walls

Rooflight and solar panel flashings

No scrap value means no risk of theft

Spiraling costs of metal has led to a huge increase in thefts of lead from buildings. This has in turn caused increased insurance premiums as well as huge inconvenience during remedial works. One of the many advantages of Ubiflex Lead Free Flashing is that it is only of value to the installer, it has no re-sale value as scrap. A sign installed:

helps deter metal theft.

Saves time and money

Ubiflex Lead Alternative is up to 50% quicker to install than traditional lead, reducing time on site and the associated costs.

Important health and safety advantages

Ubiflex eliminates potential health risks assosiated with working in close contact with lead. It is also 80% lighter than lead, giving health and safety advantages as well as reducing structural loads.

A sustainable solution

Ubiflex Lead Free Flashing is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.

BBA Certified

Ubiflex Lead Alternative carries BBA certification and is approved by NHBC and Zurich Insurance. Ubiflex is the only flexible Non Lead Flashing on the market with a BBA certificate for general use and a recent BRE wind tunnel test with Ubiflex B3 surrounding a chimney and sealed with Ubiflex Gap Seal, demonstrated that the flashing will resist wind speeds of up to 110mph (49m/s) without failing.

The Ubiflex System — setting new standards in flashings

The Ubiflex Lead Alternative is:

Up to 50% quicker to install than lead, is fully malleable, can be worked in both directions and is self-sealing if punctured.

Non susceptible to thermal movement. Aprons up to 12m long can be formed without seams or expansion joints — 8 x longer than traditional lead sheet! Consequently, there is less wastage with Ubiflex lead free flashings.

Compatible with all modern building materials and components, such as thermal panels, extract flues, ventilators, rooflights and flat roofing membranes including PVC single ply.

Stable and does not cause unsightly staining

Worked the same way as lead flashing but without the need for protective measures, and can be cut with a sharp knife or snips.

Performance of Ubiflex Lead Free Flashing


Modified polythin compound with an aluminium mesh reinforcement.

Temperature resistance:

-30 degrees C to +90 degrees C

Minimum working temperature:

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