Understanding Metal Roofs, Roofing Systems, Pros + Cons Portland's Best Roofer

Understanding Metal Roofs, Roofing Systems, Pros + Cons Portland's Best Roofer

Exploring Different Types Of Metal Roofing Options

When many people in the Portland area first hear about metal roofing the first thing that comes to mind are the old images of barn roofs with tin corrugated metal roof coverings. Those barns used the tin coverings, which kept the barn free from rain, wind, and other weather disturbances. The tin roofs were not very attractive and were often found to be very loud and noisy when rain or wind was moving through. Today metal roof manufacturing has made tremendous improvements to the look, feel, style, and performance of metal roof options. Metal has been long used for its strength, durability, and resistance to fire, wind, rain, corrosion, and severe weather. Now Portland homeowners can choose very attractive, light weight metal roofs, which are easy to install, very attractive, and highly fire resistant. Metal roofs can come in many different colors providing a Portland homeowner with many custom choices. Metal roofs also have many shape, sizes, and appearances to look like wood shake, slate, tile, and other common materials. Within metal roofing there are a few drawback mostly related to cost, and there are many positive aspects, which make metal roofing contractors in Portland very highly sought after.

Benefits Of Metal Roofing:

Besides have a very appealing outer appearance metal roofing has a very long list of positive advantages. It should go without saying that metal will out last any other conventional roofing material used in a Portland area roof setting.

· Durability And Life Expectancy- Nothing lasts longer then metal roofing. A well installed metal roof should last as long as the home is standing. Metal will stand up to rain, wind, sun, insects, mold, mildew, rot, snow, ice, and hail without limitations. In severe winter storms a metal roof will easily shed itself of snow and ice. A metal roof should last at least forty years and in many cases they can hold up for nearly eighty years and beyond depending on the materials used and the installation techniques.

· Light Weight- Metal roofing is very light weight, which means it can easily be transported to a job site. Its light weight also allows a Portland home build to have less support beams in the attic to hold the metal roof up. Even when a re-roof job is required a metal roof is light weight enough that it can be placed directly over the existing roof materials. When ever specifications of re-roofing are required it is best to contact a professional Portland roofing contractor with those detailed questions.

· Design And Shape- The only limitations to a metal roof’s design are that of the builder’s imagination. Great expansive curves can easily be incorporated, as well as large bull-nose shapes. Even on a slightly pitched roof the metal materials will hold up and prevent leaks from occurring even in the rainiest Portland winter conditions. The overall beauty of a metal roof is unparraled.

· Ease To Install- Qualified metal roofing contractors have the ability to quickly and easily install section or sheets of metal roofing on a home’s roof structure. The time to install metal roofing is often a fraction of that of any other roofing material. Most of the time the metal can be cut and bent directly on the job site for a perfect fit of every panel. Each panel or piece can either be screwed together or snapped in place, which makes the time to install a metal roof much less then that of an asphalt shingle or a tile roof.

· Fire Resistant- One of the best features of a metal roof is its ability to resist fire. Metal roofs are not combustible and have received a Class-A fire rating, which is the highest rating given.

· Energy Efficiency- Most metal surfaces naturally reflect the sun’s heat and create a minimized daytime heat gain. Heating and cooling costs are often much less when using a metal roof. Many metal roofs are also made from recyclable materials.

Disadvantages Of Metal Roofing:

While nothing is perfect in this world there are some drawbacks that require mention when discussing a metal roof. The biggest concern other then the higher cost will be the need to have a very knowledgeable and highly qualified professional metal roofing contractor work in these projects. Without careful installation and the required building specifications a metal roof can become noisy, incompatible materials could be used together, which could cause a horrible corrosion.

· Cost- A metal roof will cost as much six to eight hundred dollars per square, which is one hundred square feet. The price will pay for itself over the years with absence of repairs and replacing tiles. Also when a new home is being designed the cost of a roof’s structure is less when a metal roof is being used at the covering.

· Movement- A metal roof will expand and contract with the rise and fall of ambient temperatures. This can create unwanted noise, as well as requires very specific design and installation to allow for this natural movement to occur.

· Noise- Rain, hail, and blowing debris will all make a distinct and often loud sound on a metal roof. Some are not bothered by these sounds, but some are affected by the noise. A noise buffering insulation can be installed to prevent unwanted sounds from disturbing the Portland homeowner.

· Denting- With any metal that takes an impact a dent may occur. If some one is not careful when walking on a metal roof, dents may also occur.

Types Of Metal Roofing Systems:

There are two main roofing systems used in metal roofing, which are called Standing seam, and Batten roofing. Standing seam roofs have a self-sealing, raised seam, which connects the metal panels or sheets together. These types of roof systems drain on the outside of the metal surface. Batten roof systems use a raised cap with an internal drainage channel. The height, width, and shape can vary depending on the application. A batten roof will control moisture and the expansion and contraction process better then a standing seam roof system.

Materials Used In Metal Roofing:

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