Various Types of House Roofing CIVIL ENGINEERING GROUP

Various Types of House Roofing CIVIL ENGINEERING GROUP

A shiny new roof is indeed the house crowning glory just like a hair is to a persons. A dependable roof provides members of the household shelter and a safe refuge.

A houses roofing is regarded an investment because of its cost. Installing a cheap roof hastily just to save money might end you into paying more because low quality roof does not last very long. You will soon find out that it is leaking or breaking apart. That is why it is always wise to get quality roofing for your home.

If you are living in an old house chances are you will be doing roof repair from time to time or in case your roof has already deteriorated beyond repair, its time to install a new roof. When this happens it is wise to hire professional roofers or a roofing contractor to do the job for you. Theyre experts on roofing you will benefit from their expertise plus, you will get a guarantee that you got durable and quality roof.

Your roof the first protection against the harsh elements of nature, having a durable roof is pleasing to look at. If you also have an attractive roof it can even add value to your house. Before deciding on a particular roof to replace your old one or to install in your newly built home, it is better if have options to choose from on the types of roof.

There are various types of roof. Roof differs on what materials it is made of, the design, and cost. Basically there are three types of roof: asphalt, metal, and tile roofing.

Roof made of asphalt is cheap but not very durable. Asphalt shingles are used in places having temperate weather as it could not withstand too much exposure to the sun, strong winds and rain for a long time. It tends to dry and then brittle. Dark colored asphalt also absorbs heat making your ceiling very hot during summer. If you have air conditioner, it works twice as hard to cool your home, consuming more electric power thus escalating your electric bill. A type of asphalt shingles that are durable are the architectural type.

Various Types of House Roofing CIVIL ENGINEERING GROUP

Metal roofing refers to aluminium, steel, and copper. Metal roof is more durable than asphalt. Metal is a great heat and light reflector. Light and heat just bounce off in its surface so it does not absorb much heat. Copper is the most expensive among metal roofing and requires almost no maintenance. Among metal roofing, copper stands out as the most luxurious. Copper roofing are commonly seen in church domes and temples. Aluminum comes as a good option in roofing. Not as pricey as cooper and not as cheap as steel. Steel comes as the cheapest among metal roofing but requires maintenance as steel rusts easily.

A tile roof is the most attractive type of roofing. It is very durable that it can even outlast the life of a house. Plus it is fire resistant and like copper roofing, almost do not need any maintenance. Concrete tile is less expensive and very flexible when it comes to design. It can be made to resemble a wood shaker shingles, metal, or even a wooden shingles. Colored concrete roofing gets pale as time goes by so roof coatings is needed from time to time. Another type of tile roofing is made of clay. Its colour does not fade for a very long time since color is fired into it. However, it comes in limited color choices mostly red, orange, or brown.

Knowing the major types of roofing materials, its pros and cons, will help you choose the one for your house. Its recommended to seek the advice of roofing professionals or roofing contractors in your area as the type of roofing depends on your climate and weather.

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