Atlanta Roofing Tips

Atlanta Roofing Tips

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Atlanta Roofer Ready to Tackle Roof Repair & Water Damage from Heavy Rains

Heavy rains have moved into the Atlanta Area this week and it is unavoidable that hundreds if not thousands of Atlanta Metro residents will have the misfortune of water pouring into their homes and businesses by way of roof leaks. This being said, many homeowners underestimate the importance of calling a licensed and bonded Atlanta Roofer to deal with the leaky roof as soon as possible. Every moment that you have water seeping into your Atlanta home and do not act, the cost of repairs to the roof and the interior of your house is rising!

Many homeowners see a small water spot in their ceiling, or a few drops of water in their attic and feel that it is not necessary to act immediately. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! That small spot that is visible to you is only the visible indication that their is a problem, the real damage and real threat typically lays in areas that are not easily visible! By the time you see any water spots in your home, the problem is already very serious. Catching and repairing roofs as soon as possible leads to massive savings, not only on the roofer work, but also in the time it takes ot complete the roofing work for the roofer!

Catching the roof leak early and having a licensed, bonded, and insured roofer with a current license number fix that leak can mean the difference between minor roof repair and needing an entirely new roof. In addition, what you have to look out for is water damage inside your home! Water damage is a very costly and time consuming issue that can lead to structural damage of the home, the ruining of valuable possesions inside, the need to replace carpets, furniture, entire walls even! The power is yours to stop this home destroyer called water! In addition, water damage that does occur from leaky roofs that goes untreated can lead to mold and mildew formulation which as we all know is dangerous to your family. Do not let water coming from the heavy rains in Atlanta destroy your home, if you have any signs of a roof leak, call an atlanta roofer immediately and get the roof inspected, get a free estimate, and get the work done quickly before a small leak turns into a major nightmare that damages your home and leads to the need for water damage restoration and even new roof installation!

Atlanta Roofing Tips

One last thing that homeowners can do to help mitigate the potential of ever having to deal with an emergency water situation in their home is to be proactive. Too many homes have gone far too long without having their roof inspected. Did you know that one hail storm lasting 3 minutes has probably already damaged your home enough to need at best small roof repair, and at worst a new roof! We are not aiming to scare you here, but the question is, are you willing to risk finding yourself flooded versus having a certified professional visit your home in advance and conduct a roof inspection AT NO COST? Protect your home and family by calling a roofer in Atlanta and having them conduct an inspection. Even if they find issues, chances are insurance will cover it and any money out of pocket from you will be minimal!

If you feel you need a roof inspection done at no cost, or a free estimate, or you see water spots in your ceiling or walls, or even if you already have water damage on carpet, furniture, blinds, or possessions, the full service roofing contractors and restoration experts at ACS Partners LLC can help! Call us today at (404)250-6262 and let our family take care of yours!

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