Eco-Friendly Roof Options greenUPGRADER

Eco-Friendly Roof Options greenUPGRADER

We knew when we bought this house back in 2006 that we’d eventually have to replace the roof. To be honest, we probably should have done it already, but it’s getting to be pretty bad now. I’d really like to look at more eco-friendly options than asphalt roofing tiles, because asphalt is a petroleum product.

Since I’ve been digging up info about eco-friendly roof options, I thought I’d share what I found with you guys!

1. Green Roof

Unfortunately, I think a green roof is a little bit out of our price range. At $8-$25 per square foot. I don’t think we can swing it. They’re certainly lovely, though! Green roofs help combat the urban heat island effect and even help insulate your house, so you’ll see lower energy bills. If I had the money, there’s no question that I’d go this route!

2. Metal Roof

This one’s definitely in the running! Metal roofs are very durable, which means less money on upkeep. Metal roofs can be pricier than asphalt tiles, around $3.50-$11 per square foot. The thing with metal roofs is that, like I said, they’re durable.

My husband’s main concern with a metal roof is noise when it rains. That’s totally legit, so I did some research, and it sounds like newer metal roofs don’t have this problem. Here’s a homeowner talking about her metal roof on a forum:

I live in the rain capitol of the U.S. Seattle. I have cathedral ceilings, and a metal roof. It’s a newer home and has cellulose roll insulation in the ceilings. I’ve noticed no difference in noise between this and the cedar shakes at my previous house. Maybe if you were living out in the boonies with a tin roof and no insulation you’d have more noise, but I think it’s a non-issue in today’s houses. And, from a maintenance standpoint, I’ll never go back to a conventional roof.

I’m definitely going to try to get a metal roofing company to give us a quote!

3. Solar Shingles

This is another one that’s out of our price range, but holy moly, would I love solar shingles! Unlike solar panels, these things blend right in with the rest of your roof. Green power AND avoiding those asphalt tiles. Someday.

Eco-Friendly Roof Options greenUPGRADER

I couldn’t find a square foot price, but it looks like Dow is selling special homes with solar shingles that start in the high $400s. A little inaccessible! But hopefully these will come down in price as they catch on.

4. Recycled Shingles

This is another one that’s definitely on my list of possibilities. Recycled shingles cost around the same as a metal roof, and they come with a crazy 50 year warranty! Durability is definitely at the top of my wish list for a new roof. I can’t really afford to do this again any time soon, and I think that the greenest thing that you can do is get something that’s going to last rather than a product that’s going to head to the landfill in just 5 or 10 years.

5. Slate Roof Tiles

Slate has a pretty low environmental impact and is incredibly durable. It looks like a slate roof costs between $8 and $11 per square foot (I used this handy online calculator to figure that out!). My big concern with slate is the weight. I don’t want to have to redo our home’s foundation because of heavy roofing tiles! I’m not sure that’s even something we’d have to consider with a slate roof, but definitely worth asking a contractor.

Have any of you guys had an eco-friendly roof installed? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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