How to Reroof a House With Asphalt Shingles eHow

How to Reroof a House With Asphalt Shingles eHow


Get ready. Youll need to measure the length and width of your roof and multiply that number to get the square footage of your roof. Divide the square footage by 100 and add 10 percent. Thats how many asphalt shingles youll need to re-roof your house. Shingles are sold by the square and you will need 2 1/2 pounds of roofing nails per square of asphalt shingles. Some of the supplies, such as a hammer and ladder, you might have at home. Others, such as roofing cement and felt, youll need to purchase so make sure you know exactly what youll need.

Put shingles on valleys first. A valley is where two sections of the roof meet at an angle. Youll need to cover the area with mineral surface roofing and attach an 18-inch wide strip of flashing from the eaves to the roof ridge. Use nails on the outer edges of the flashing and roofing cement on center edges. Take a 36-inch wide strip of roofing felt and staple to the flashing. Cut asphalt shingles to fit the valley area and attach them with roofing cement and nails.

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How to Reroof a House With Asphalt Shingles eHow

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