Installing Tin Roof Panels eHow

Installing Tin Roof Panels eHow


Installing tin roof panels is an economical and environmentally friendly way to replace the existing shingles on a roof that needs repair. Tin roofing material is also a good choice for new construction, as long as the pitch of your roof is not too high and you don’t have any complicated corners. Tin is durable, rust-proof and can stand up to the elements. Typical rain water will not corrode a tin roof, but acid rain will. If you live near an industrial park where acid rain may be a consideration, installing tin roof panels is not in your best interest. Prepare the surface of your old roof by removing the shingles or other roofing materials, making certain to remove all of the roofing nails. Your roof should be clean and free of all debris before your begin to install your tin roof panels.

Roofing Felt

Before you install your tin roof panels, install a layer of roofing felt over the total surface of your clean roof, overlapping it to make sure your entire roof is covered. Roofing felt helps keep your home sealed from bugs and other creepy crawly creatures, while providing somewhat of a sound barrier between the tin and your home. Tin is sold in rolls which you will cut to length before installing. To avoid too many seams, measure one long strip the length of your roof from the rooftop down to the gutters. This will determine how long your sheet of tin should be. Draw a chalk line to indicate the edges of each of the tin roof panels. The chalk line will help you keep your tin panels straight. Use tin snips to cut as many tin panels as you need to fill in your roof.

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Installing Tin Roof Panels eHow

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