Metal Tile Roofing Sheets Welcome to Coroofs

Metal Tile Roofing Sheets Welcome to Coroofs

Metal Roof Tiles New Architectural Roofing

Carport red metal tile roof

For many decades, architects, contractors and building professionals everywhere have recognized metal roofing for its low maintenance, superior weather resistance and long life.

Metal Roof Tiles look so much like clay or concrete roof tiles, you may be surprised to learn its made of steel.

Steel Tile roofing sheets are the latest generation of roofing materials. They are made of high quality 0.42 mm roofing steel, zinc coated for rust proving, painted in modern colours and polyester coated for better finish. They are strong, weather resistant, light weight, easy to install, functional, durable and ideally suited to residential and commercial use. Metal Tile roofing systems combine a great tile look with all the high-tech performance features you want for your project.

Steel Roofing Tiles are the best solution for any project big or small any home addition or extension, carports, garages, patios, pergolas, gazebos, relocatable buildings, or re-roofing where you need to keep the look of tiles for your house. Metal roof tiles can be used for industrial applications as well as for residential roofing.

Metal tile roofing materials are supplied by one of the fastest growing roofing suppliers: Coroofs. Find more about Coroofs Metal Tile Roofing Systems here .

Top Performance Of Steel Roof

metal tiles structure

Our profiles manufactured with top quality steel sheets on continuous coating lines are very durable, resilient and corrosion resistant, ensuring up to 50 years life time.

3. Passivation

4. Zinc coating to stop the rust


The tin roof tile sheets are appropriate for all kinds of roofs with inclination from 6 degrees which makes them a great solution for home extensions with a low pitch roof. Steel tiles can be installed on Gable roofs, Hip roof, Dutch Gable roofs, roofs with valleys, Skilion roofs and their combinations. That makes them the most versatile roofing materials in Australia.

Practical size:

1160 mm. width X 470 mm length.

1160 mm. width X 1170 mm. length.

1160 mm. width X 2220 mm. length

The vertical overlap is 60mm (standard in the industry), that makes coverage of 1100mm.

The sheets could be easily trimmed to size.

Our quality policy is to deliver the right products to the right place at the right time. Our roofing materials prices are competitive comparing with ordinary corrugated iron.

We also supply all the accessories (Ridge Caps, Fixing Screws etc ) to finnish the job. Click here to see the product range of roofing materials.

We offer 6 most popular colours  that we keep on stock.

Metal Tiles also known in the roofing industry as Steel Tiles, Steel Roof Tiles, Tin Tiles, Metal Roof Tiles, Metal Roofing Tiles, Pressed Tiles, Pressed Metal Tiles, Decrabond Tiles, Decramastic Tiles and Decra Roofing Systems.

Metal Roof Tiles Hip roof

Our profile matches well most of roofing tiles including concrete tiles, terracotta tiles and  decrabond  (decramastic or decra roofing systems).

Many builders and renovators use the Metal Tiles for extensions, renovations and house additions  where it is important to match the look of newly build roof with the old one. With minimum roof pitch of only 6 deg the Tin Roof Tiles are a great solution for any project.

The Steel Tile Sheets have standard fixings with roofing screws, they are light in weight, strong, weather resistant and easy to install. It makes them a fantastic product for any project big or small, new houses or re-roofing, any house additions and extensions, carports and pergolas, patios and gazebos.

The installation process is very similar to any ordinary corrugated iron. See more about installation at Installation Manual page .

Roof battens can be steel or timber with spacings of 350 mm centers.

Other specifications:

Metal Tile Roofing Sheets Welcome to Coroofs

metal tiles gable roof

Cover: 1100 mm

Vertical Overlap: 60 mm

Horizontal Overlap: 120 mm

Corrugation: 24 mm

Battens: 350 mm centers

Coating: Zinc class AZ 150

Polyester coating top: 20 um,

Polyester coating bottom: 7 um

Minimum roof pitch: 6 Deg

Unlike conventional concrete tiles the metal tiles can be installed everywhere, providing that the pitch of the roof is 6 deg or more. That make the metal roofing tiles a great solution for skilion low pitch roofs like carports and patio roof or home extentions.

Metal roof tiles are strong and weather resistant and act much better in case of hail and strong wind. That makes the metal tiles a superior roofing product comparing with ordinary concrete tiles.

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