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Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, the Teal Cedar division of The Teal-Jones Group is one of the largest shake and shingle producers in the world, operating from four major facilities throughout the province.

Teal Cedar is the only shake & shingle producer that owns its own timber supply. This ensures continuous raw fiber to the mills and provides customers with the assurance that their supply needs can be met.

At Teal Cedar we strive to maintain a level of consistent high quality in our entire shake & shingle product line. In addition to the required third party inspection we employ a full time quality control inspector to work closely with all levels of the production team. This assures that the Teal Grade standards are met on every shift.

TheTeal Grade is your assurance of quality western red cedar shakes & shingle products. Exclusive Teal Cedar premium brand names include #1 EDGEGRAIN Sidewall Shingles, PRIME CUT shakes, PRIME CUT shingles and Classic Butts, all backed by the Teal Cedar Warranty.

The qualities of Western Red Cedar are numerous. Of particular importance is its longevity due to its natural preservatives. Its fine, even grain, exceptional strength in proportion to weight, low ratio of expansion and contraction, high impermeability to liquids and low maintenance are indeed characteristics hard to beat. Additionally, they perform exceptionally well in hurricane force winds and provide a high degree of thermal insulation.

Cedars rich, earthy tones and its warmth and subtle patterns of texture provide long-lasting beauty on roofs, exterior walls, or as interior decorative accents. Forget about plastics, vinyl, metal and stucco. Cedar has the answers.

WE  can prove it. What other product could provide more?

  • Products There is nothing like the quality look a Cedar Roof or Sidewall gives a home. The rustic beauty, textures, colours and natural durability of Cedar are unsurpassed.

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  • Certification View detailed Red Cedar Shake & Shingle product certification information.

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  • Installation Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles have proven to be a superior material for roof and wall cladding which is durable, warm and resisitant to extremes of wind and weather. In order to gain the maximum benefits these products offer, they must be installed correctly.

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  • Maintenance Guides Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles installations last longer and perform better when they are kept clean. In order to gain the maximum benefits these products offer, simple regular maintenance tasks should be performed.

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  • Warranty Information Limited warranties are available to customers when certain conditions have been met with respect to the purchase, storage, handling, installment and maintenance of the product.

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  • Where to Buy Find a local distributor in your area.

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  • Teal Cedar Cam Watch an overhead view of one of our shingle sawyers hard at work.

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  • Gallery View Gallery of our Operations.

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