Residential Metal Roof Pros and Cons eHow

Residential Metal Roof Pros and Cons eHow

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs are extremely durable and very heat resistant, which makes them safe in areas where fire is a possibility. They do not tend to develop problems with wear due to wind or rain like shingles can, and the metal roofs made today do not rust. Also, metal rooftops do not provide the same catches for leaves or dirt that shingles do. This makes metal roofing very low maintenance, easy to take care of.


Homeowners who decide to choose metal rooftops have a variety of options. Those who prefer to be as environmentally friendly as possible can choose a rooftop made from 60 percent recycled metal, while others can choose between aluminum, copper and sheet-style alloys that can even mimic certain types of tile, wood shakes or slate. Some metal roofs are sprayed with a granulation material to make them appear more natural.

High Costs

Although metal rooftops are durable, they are also one of the most expensive rooftops by the foot, and homeowners will have to invest in heavy upfront costs to buy the necessary materials. Despite the long warranties, this may put a metal roof outside of the budget for some homeowners.

Difficult Repairs

Metal roofing is more difficult to install than traditional shingles or tiles, which are installed in overlapping rows rather than strips or sheets. Homeowners must find a qualified metal roofing contractor to first install the rooftop and afterward, if there are any repairs that need to be performed, homeowners will not be able to do the work themselves. This means greater expense and time associated with repairs than other types of roofing.

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Residential Metal Roof Pros and Cons. While many people consider metals only as a roofing option for commercial buildings such as warehouses.

Residential Metal Roof Pros and Cons. While many people consider metals only as a roofing option for commercial buildings such as warehouses.

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