Types of Metal Roofs for Homes eHow

Types of Metal Roofs for Homes eHow


Steel is the most common material used in metal roofing—it’s also one of the most affordable. Aluminum roofs are much more expensive, but may also be more durable in certain applications. Copper is the most expensive option for metal roofs, and it’s chosen primarily for its rich color and visual appeal. Tin roofs may be used on outbuildings such as barns and sheds. This material is the least expensive and least durable material used to create metal roofing.


While metal roofing in general offers many benefits to homeowners, each type of metal roof material also has its own distinct advantages. Steel is among the most durable types of roofing, and is resistant to dents caused by wind, sharp impacts or hail. Aluminum is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and is often the best roofing choice in coastal areas. Copper, tin and aluminum are usually left unfinished and require little maintenance to maintain their appearance.


Each of these materials also has some drawbacks that should be considered. Steel may rust or corrode, and should not be used near saltwater or very wet areas. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and tends to dent easily. Copper interacts with oxygen in the air to form a greenish coating known as "patina." While some buyers may like this effect, others consider it a disadvantage. Steel requires repainting every few years to maintain its appearance.

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Types of Metal Roofs for Homes eHow

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