30 Roof Garden Ideas For Your Designer Home — Aha Daily

30 Roof Garden Ideas For Your Designer Home - Aha Daily

Roof garden designs are the latest craze among house-owners who want their homes to stand a class apart from the rest. Roof gardens are an especially popular addition to a designer home. At a time when spacious homes are few and far between, particularly in the urban sector, roof gardens offer a wonderful alternative to that lush backyard garden. After all, how does it matter whether your roof garden is on the ground floor or the top floor? What matters is that you have your own little green paradise within the comforts of your home.

Roof garden homes are common nowadays. But not too long ago, they were a rare phenomenon. Of course, there were gardens on the roof that roused both envy and admiration. A fine example is the famous Kensington Roof Garden, which remains the oldest and finest roof garden in all of London. The garden was commissioned by the Derry and Toms department store, a link that has stuck – many Londoners still refer to this tourist attraction as Derry and Toms Roof Garden.

Owned by Sir Richard Branson since 1981, the Kensignton Roof Garden is spread across 1.5 acres. It stands 100 feet above the street level. Moreover, the garden is divided into three sections – the English Woodlands, a Tudor Garden and a Spanish Garden. You will find plenty of shrubs and trees, including fruit trees and imposing oaks. There are several sitting areas, ponds, and many species of fish and wildlife. The English Woodland is home to four resident flamingoes, and is best visited in spring. If you are heading here in summer, make a beeline for the Tudor Garden with its evergreen shrubs, lilies, roses and lavender. If you have been to Granada, Spain, you might notice the Spanish Gardens resemblance with the Alhambra.

If you are planning to design a home and install a lovely garden on the roof, a trip to Londons Kensington Roof Garden might be in order. If you cannot travel to London just yet, the rooftop garden photos in this post should provide plenty of inspiration for your little green rooftop escape.

Kensington Roof Garden

Where: London, United Kingdom

Londons oldest and most famous high altitude garden is rich in flora, fauna and architectural design. Entry is free, so make sure to visit when in London.

Roof Garden By Secret Gardens

Where: Sydney, Australia

This wonderfully landscaped garden sits 25 floors above street level. Buxus hedging and topiary cones provide structure to the garden, while iris and lavender add color and fragrance. The fine view of Sydneys skyscrapers is a definite plus.

Roof Garden Tops Eco House

Where: United Kingdom

The owner, who is an architect, believed that this would be a fine addition to his British eco house. A decade since this story began the rooftop garden is flourishing. Accessible via a ladder, the rooftop garden is home to palm trees, yucca and bamboo, in addition to cacti, bulbs, grasses and more.

Roof Garden At Nanyang Technological University

Where: Singapore

The garden adorning the roof of the five-story Nanyang Technological University is a design marvel. This design marvel by CPG Consultants provides insulation for the university building while also cooling the area and harvesting rainwater.

Roof Garden At Acros Fukoka Building

Where: Japan

This office building has an enormous terraced roof 60 meters above that leads to and joins the neighboring park. Over 76 species of plants can be found here.

Roof Garden At Waldspirale

Where: Darmstadt, Germany

30 Roof Garden Ideas For Your Designer Home - Aha Daily

The innovative Waldspirale building is, like its name suggests, a wooded spiral. The residential complex houses 105 apartments, and green enthusiasts can spend hours on its beautiful, nature-rich rooftop garden.

Roof Garden At Housing Development Board

Where: Singapore

This unexpected green oasis on the roof sits in the building of the Housing Development Board, close to the Commonwealth MRT.

Roof Garden At Marriott Hotel

Where: Canada

This luxury hotel has developed a green landscape on the roof above the entrance to its underground parking area.

Roof Garden At Horniman Museum

Where: United Kingdom

The rooftop oasis of green covers an area of 3,035 square feet. The museum and its gardens were a gift to London in 1901 by a Victorian era tea trader named Frederick John Horniman. The museum is named after him.

Roof Garden At St. Lukes International Hospital

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