A1 Roof Restorations Sunshine Coast Roof Painting Sunshine Coast

A1 Roof Restorations Sunshine Coast Roof Painting Sunshine Coast

Roof Painting

Infracool Installation

Roof Repair, Rebed, Repoint & Tile Change

Roof Restorations Sunshine Coast

A1 Roof Restorations restore all tile, Colourbond, tin and Decramastic roofs for both lowset and highset homes.

We start by taking care of any roof repairs that may be needed, including re-bedding, repointing, re-screwing, and cracked tile replacements.

We then thoroughly clean your roof before applying a steriliser that kills any remaining mould and lichen spores.

Next we seal your roof before applying 2 coats of your choice of Dulux high quality roof membrane or the latest Dulux Infracool roof membrane that can reduce the temperature inside your home by up to 10 degrees.

One of the differences between A1 Roof Restorations and some of the other roof restoration companies, is that we take our time to ensure each coat is 100% set before applying the next coat, which means a solid membrane is formed for longer lasting results for your home. This means our roof restorations take four days to complete, and are not rushed through in a day. After all, you cant rush quality!

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Roof Cleaning Caboolture

One of the fastest ways to improve the look of a home is with a detailed roof clean. Our high-pressure rotary roof washer gets fast results using less water and less mess than traditional high pressure sprayers. It will have your home looking like new in just a few short hours!

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Roof Recolouring Bribie Island

Your roof is one of the first things that people see when they look at your home. To modernise the look of your home, or to bring faded roof colour back to life, roof re-colouring is a great option.

A1 Roof Restorations can supply the full range of Dulux Acra-Tex and Infracool colours including deep blues, slates and charcoals as well as more traditional colonial shades.

And the Dulux roof paint range is specifically designed to withstand the hot sun, salt spray and is especially formulated for the safe collection of potable drinking water.

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Cool Roof with Infracool Installation

We are a fully licensed and accredited installer of Dulux Infracool Paint technology. Infracool is one of the most exciting things to happen to roof paint in decades.

It acts to reflect the suns energy before it can be absorbed as heat and and penetrate the roof. By rejecting more of the suns Infrared rays, Infracool can reduce surface temperatures leading to less heat load to buildings. Weathered Galvanised iron surfaces can be up to 40 degrees cooler using Cool Roof Commercial White. For residential applications where colour is important the Infracool colours are available that look the same but stay cooler. Infracool Charcol for example can be up to 15 degrees cooler than standard Charcoal.

Less heat absorbed means air conditioners can work efficiently providing potential cooling energy reduction. If your thinking Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast, think A1 and Dulux Cool Roof to provide the best option.

Infracool saves you on electricity costs through reduced heating and cooling needs, and is a brilliant investment to improve the long-term value of your home.

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