Clark Roofing and Sheetmetal Preparing for a New Roof.

Clark Roofing and Sheetmetal Preparing for a New Roof.


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Mow your grass a couple of days before work is started on your roof. This makes it easier to pick up nails with the magnet.

Do not water your grass for a few days before work is started on your roof. If the ground is wet when your roof is being worked on any nails that fall on the ground and then are stepped on will go into the ground and make it harder for the magnet to pick them up.

If you have sprinkler heads be sure and mark them in a way that they can be seen.


It is not uncommon for the old roofing materials to fall on top of flowers, shrubs, etc. If you have plants that you want protected you need to make an effort to point these out to the contractor or his foreman. Any hanging or potted plants around the outside of the house should be moved to keep them out of harms way.

Tree and Shrub Branches

Low hanging branches will be cut back to gain access to the roof. Our crews will cut back only those that limit their ability to do an efficient workmanlike job. If proper pruning is important to you, it is suggested that you have your trees or scrubs professionally pruned before the new roof is installed.

Outside Furniture

Patio furniture will need to be moved away from the house.

Roof Extras

Satellites dishes, TV antennas, basketball goals and solar panels will need to be removed from the roof. You should schedule your satellite provider to come out and readjust your satellite after it has been reinstalled.

Backyard Access

Make sure there is access to your backyard.


Do not let them out in the yard during work time as there could be nails in the yard.

If you have animals that are bothered by loud noises and people working around your house you may want to consider letting them stay with a friend during your roof construction.

Broken Pictures, Etc.

If you have any keepsakes hanging on your walls you may want to take them down during your roof construction just to be safe. We suggest that you check to make sure that all things hanging from the wall are secure. Also remove all loose items that may fall from shelves.

Attic Debris

If you have shake shingles that will have to be removed you may want to put a tarp over any valuables that you have in your attic to keep that area clean of debris.


When your roof is torn off the shingles will have to be thrown into a trailer to be hauled off. There needs to be at least one access to the roof top and that is usually the drive ways. So all cars debris etc. must be cleared on days that your roof is being worked on. There may also be several vehicles parked in front of your house and your neighbors’ houses.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, your start date could be delayed, or started earlier than expected; therefore your presence is not required when we start the job. We recommend that you DO NOT take the day off work or re-arrange important appointments that may be costly to you.

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