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How can you find a good Roofing Contractor?

Most homeowners know that a damaged or poor-quality roof can make life miserable, and in Colorado, the effects can be even more apparent. Denver residents see a wide variety of weather every year— from rain to hail storms to heavy snow, the local weather can really take a toll on houses and buildings. That is why it is imperative for homeowners (and commercial property owners) to be familiar with Denver roofing contractor s, and more importantly, to know how to find a reputable roofing contractor.

So, whether you are in need of roof repair or need a new roof constructed entirely, selecting the right contractor for the job will help ensure that you won’t need to call them again anytime soon. But for anyone who unfamiliar with home improvement in general, trying to find the right person for a roofing job can be a bit daunting. So, how do you go about this?

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you are looking in the right area. After all, nothing is more annoying than finding a roofing contractor who seems perfect for the job, only to discover they are located across the state! You can find roofing contractors in the Denver area by going to websites like Angie’s List, or by searching “roofers in Denver” on Google maps.

If you want to go the old fashioned route, you can also look in the yellow pages of your phone book. However, you should still use the Internet to look up whichever ones you find and are interested in. Only online can you read full reviews and testimonials on them. It is also important to note that there is now a “” where you can also find listings and ratings for Denver roofers.

Either way, a reputable roofing contractor will readily provide their full legal name and address so you can look them up with the Better Business Bureau (you can do this by going to and clicking on “Check out business”). Some contractor websites may already have Better Business Bureau information at the bottom of their homepage. Regardless, you should never use a roofer that does not have a good review from the Better Business Bureau.

As far as reviews go, you should also never hire a roofing contractor without first taking a look at reviews from actual customers, which you can find on Google, Angie’s List and Now, some roofers may have “customer testimonials” on their actual websites, but these are not always to be trusted. After all, most businesses of any kind will only post the best reviews they receive in order to keep attracting clientele. So, while reading these testimonials can be helpful, a reputable and reliable roofer will have good customer reviews on websites they do not own.

You’ll also want to make sure that the Denver roofing contractors you are interested in have experience working with the type of roof you have (or would like to have, if you are getting a new one built or a full roof replacement). Yes, there are many different types of roofs and materials used to build them. In Denver, for example, there are slate roofs, tile roofs, wood roofs, asphalt roofs, and even metal roofs. Roofing contractors will naturally have different amounts of experience with each type, so be sure to ask about their knowledge and past jobs working with metal roofing, for example, if that is the type that you have.

You also need to consider what you specifically want done. For example, some roofers are great at patching holes, replacing shingles, gutter replacements, etc. but they may not have much experience constructing or replacing an entire roof. This goes hand in hand with the type of property in question. For instance, some roofing contractors have a lot of experience with residential roofs, but they may not have much expertise when it comes to repairing or replacing commercial roofing.

A good Denver roofer will also be willing to work with you and your insurance company, should you have the need for any insurance claims if and when your roof is damaged by natural causes or other incidents. Be sure to ask if they will come over to assess the damage to your property beforehand, in order to help you prepare an insurance claim. Any roofing contractor who seems wary of insurance companies probably isn’t worth your time and money. More importantly, they probably aren’t to be trusted.

Remember, snow and hail damage can be rough and abrupt. And, if your house or building is situated close to trees, there’s always the risk that they can be suddenly knocked over and wreck havoc on your roof. So, why wait to even consider looking for a professional? By taking the time now to find one or two reputable roofing contractors to have on hand, you’ll save yourself a lot of panic and worry later on.

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